100 Resin Crafts Projects and Ideas!

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100 Resin Crafts Projects and Ideas!

Hey friends! Welcome to Doodlecraft! I'm Natalie and I am a lover of resin crafts.

I've worked with Resin Crafts Blog for years and so if you do a quick google search for "resin crafts", chances are, you've seen a lot of my work.

There's a huge variety of resin products out there, so there are some things you should know.

Resin is magic. Okay, there's some science to it, but it basically is polymers that make a plastic.
There are different resins for different applications.

Story time:

During 2019, I worked at a Pinner's event with Plaid Crafts running their Make-and-take booth.
I met a lady there that was proud to tell me that she was a resin crafter.
I was curious, because I too, am a resin crafter.
I asked her what she makes.
She produced her phone to show me a picture of a project she did.
It was made with DVD's and high gloss resin, put on a small coffee table.

She used my tutorial to make something of her own.
I didn't tell her that I was the inspiration of her project. 

I just let her have that flex. πŸ’ͺ
Here's my project:
DVD mosaic serving tray with high gloss resin for smooth and glossy finish.

What is the BEST Resin to use?

Wear protective gear when working with resin and read the instructions thoroughly!

Work in a well ventilated area, it is smelly and has chemicals that should not be huffed.

But lots of resin is also food safe when cured, so read labels and make sure you are using your resin exactly as directed.

What Can I Make with Resin?

Here's 100 resin crafts for you to make! What can you make with resin, I've got one hundred craft projects, repairs and fun ideas for you!

What Resin Crafts SELL the Best?

Selling resin crafts is a fusion of artistry and entrepreneurship. From personalized jewelry to functional decor, the versatility of resin appeals to a market seeking unique, handmade treasures. 

Utilizing online platforms, social media, and a cohesive brand identity is crucial for success, transforming a creative passion into a sustainable and rewarding business venture.

As far as selling goes, I find that my items priced at $10 or less sell the best and those small "microtransactions" add up to big bucks!

Here's my Top 10 Resin Crafts to Sell:

  • Resin Jewelry (Earring, Pendant and Bracelet or Ring sets)
  • Resin Coasters
  • Mosaic Resin Trays
  • Glitter Resin Tumblers
  • Resin Keychains
  • Resin Poured Wall Art
  • Resin Trinket Boxes or Dishes
  • Resin Paperweights
  • Resin Coffee Tables
  • Resin Flowers or Bugs

100 Resin Craft Ideas for Any Skill Level!

It's been such a fun journey of resin crafting--with several fails along the way.

Hopefully I've made it so that you are guaranteed success with your resin adventure!

How to Make Glitter Resin Tumblers!  Learn how easy and fun it is to make glitter resin tumblers.   These tumblers are super sparkly with a variety of glitter colors and sizes!   Customize these tumbler for any occasion! Wedding party color scheme, Graduation gift school colors, or just a favorite color!

How to Make a Miniature Acoustic Guitar Studio!  This miniature guitar studio is one of my most favorite projects to date.   I love how this tiny little acoustic guitar turned out.   I love that mini hairpin leg stool.   I mostly love these little clay potted plants! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‚Learn how to make a miniature acoustic guitar and potted plants for the miniature lover in your life!

How to Make Marbled Polymer Clay Earrings!  Learn how fun and simple it is to make marbled polymer clay earrings!   Polymer clay bakes is soft to work with and bakes hard in the oven.   Marbling the clay makes gorgeous quartz crystal effects, paired with gold leaf for the ultimate classy earrings.

How to make letterboard letters with fastcast resin and bling jewels

How to paint a unicorn rock with felt flowers, ears and a glittery resin horn.

Make your own colored pencil vase with 216 colored pencils, easycast resin and a lathe for wood turning.

How to make Vintage Resin Lucite Grapes DIY with easycast resin

Full tutorial for a Crystal Orb Scepter made with Resin. This amazing crystal orb scepter is the perfect addition to a costume or cosplay. A Wizard, Warlock, Sage, Witch, Sorcerer, Mage, Enchanter, or Necromancer would all be excited to hold a staff like this. This could be used by an Adventurer, Druid, Plague Doctor, or just as an exotic walking stick.

Make a resin tumbler that rivals the shimmer of a mermaid tail! This iridescent resin tumbler diy is easy to make and has texture, shine and smoothness.    Resin crafts are so much fun and if you haven't tried a tumbler yet, consider this your sign!   This shiny tumbler is perfect for staying hydrated, mixed drinks or as the perfect handmade gift.

How to Make a Resin Birthday Cake Topper in Minutes!  Resin Crafts are a favorite of mine. They take a project and amp up the coolness! It's basically the "icing on the cake" to have a fabulous cake topper. Cake toppers are my favorite birthday element, and this one is quick casting resin!    Learn how easy and quick it is to make a Resin Birthday Cake Topper in just a few minutes!

Make a high gloss resin coconut shell necklace for a natural and tropical look. Turn ordinary pieces of coconut shells into glossy and stunning jewelry.

How to Make Glitter Resin Keychains! Make gorgeous glitter resin keychains with power words as the perfect handmade gift. These glitter keychains are a great resin craft for beginners. Learn to make glitter resin keychains with power words using EasyCast Resin, letter beads, tassels and keychain hardware.

LIQUID LUCK NECKLACE MADE WITH RESIN Make liquid luck to wear around your neck. Are you a fan of Harry Potter like me? I love the books, the movies and all the merch! Use Jewelry Resin to make a Felix Felicis Liquid Luck vial necklace to wear and showcase your true devotion to the Wizarding World.

This I spy game resin serving tray filled with miniatures and trinkets is a fun DIY and would make a great gift! Fill the tray with little things from the junk drawer or little heirlooms that sit in a jewelry box collecting dust. With a thick layer of glossy resin, the trinkets stay in place and offer a smooth surface for using the tray for serving or a coffee table catch all.

Make a layered piece of art with layers of flowers, textures and sparkle. This painting is canvas with multiple layers of thick, creamy paints and 2 layers of Envirotex Lite High Gloss Resin. There are a variety of textures, shines, depths and finishes on this painting that makes it so intriguing.

Make stunning galaxy coasters with high gloss resin and vivid colors. These amazing coasters are addicting to make with this fun resin pour technique.

How to make a resin pendant with paint pour skins leftovers from dirty paint pours.

How to make a geode resin pour canvas with glitter

How to make faux quartz crystals using easycast resin

How to make polished shiny rocks without a rock tumbler using high gloss resin spray

Make a stunning table using reclaimed wood and DIY Hairpin Legs! This versatile table can be used for anything and everything. Is there a wedding in your future? This is the perfect wedding cake table. Perfect on the patio for cocktails or in the living room holding a big plant. What will your table be used for?

Make a cute succulent vase magnet with FastCast resin, a little faux succulent and a disc magnet, perfect for a fridge or locker ornament.  I love filling my fridge with wedding invitations, cards, kids artwork and more…most days my fridge looks completely cluttered.

How to make resin conversation heart necklaces with sparkly tinsel and letter beads

Resin Fish Bowl Easy Pet DIY Fish are the only pet that we can own…because of our especially horrible animal allergies.  It got me thinking that it would be fun to make a resin fishbowl, then it’s the perfect pet that needs no attention or care.    Little fish bowls would make a cute table centerpiece, fun for an animal themed party or a carnival set up.

Color Shift Pop Socket with Resin DIY Make a fun custom POP Socket craft using color shift pigment and Envirotex Lite Pour-On High Gloss Finish. Make your pop socket shine in the sunlight with this simple resin DIY. This fun craft makes a great handmade gift too!

Make a shiny oblique calligraphy pen holder that looks like jade! Have you used an oblique calligraphy pen before? They are my favorite, maybe because they look weird...but they let you angle you hand and paper and still write with the nib straight.

How to make food safe chocolate molds out of easymold silicone

Resin crafting is awesome, there are so many different applications for resin. Here's a fun cakestand that makes a great resin project for a beginner, without looking like a beginner project! Upcycle an old cake stand with a glass mosaic finished with high gloss resin to give it new life.

How to make a glittery light switch plate cover using glitter and resin!  Customize the color of glitter and top it off with High Gloss Resin for a smooth and shiny finish.  It’s a simple DIY craft that just takes a few minutes of work time and overnight drying.

How to Cast Skeleton Key in Clear Resin Skeleton keys are my favorite, they remind me of secret doors. Create an amazing skeleton key necklace with resin for an especially fun steampunk flare accessory. This project takes just a few supplies and a little time. Let’s get started!

Make gold and sparkly hair clips with jewelry resin to match an outfit or for a handmade gift. This unique resin craft takes just a few supplies and about 10 minutes of working time, then overnight to dry. These cute clips should be made in every color, perfect for every outfit or dress in the closet. One can never have too many hair clips!

How to Make a Faux Jade Resin Stick Barrette!   Learn how to make a faux jade stick barrette. It's a breeze using Easy Sculpt epoxy clay and scrap tooling leather. Perfect for totally chic hairstyles!

Pineapple Painted Canvas with High Gloss Resin

Make a darling bookmark with a paperclip and some regal resin shapes painted with metallic paints. This is a perfect craft for a book club, quick gift or for fun. Create the perfect paperclip bookmark with FastCast resin, metallic paint and a little twine.

Resin Monster Eyes Perfect for Costumes Cosplay DIY

Do you crochet or know someone that does?  Crochet hooks are not especially comfortable and this craft makes them more comfy to use–plus more fashionable!  These hooks will make a uniquely great gift for a yarn crafter.

How to make gold leaf necklaces with bezels and jewelry resin clay

Pine needle coasters are easy to make with EasyCast Resin and a small branch from your Christmas tree. Make a resin coaster each year to memorialize your holidays spent together. Make some of these coasters now...or save this idea for the holidays!

Wood slice ornaments are perfect to give as neighbor gifts or to deck the tree with matching handmade ornaments. Make stunning wood slice ornaments using high gloss resin and the dirty pour technique. Resin pouring is a highly addictive craft, let’s get started!

How to make faux butterfly wing earrings with high gloss resin

How to upcycle old make up brushes with easysculpt resin clay and paint

How to make a metallic leaf serving tray with high gloss resin

How to make jewelry with an old motherboard and high gloss resin

How to make mini vintage works of art! Casting vintage frames out of Fast Cast resin and printing famous works of art, then coating them with high gloss resin for the perfect fridge artwork.

Learn how to make marbled pendants with melted crayons and covered with high gloss resin

Learn how to make your own silicone cabochon mold with easymold resin putty

How to make a wood slice hair pin leg table with marbled resin flo paint pour.

How to make faux enamel pins with shrink plastic and high gloss resin

How to make copper acorns out of EasySculpt resin clay

Use glossy resin to make the perfect ocean pour including a little beach sand. Great for beach-inspired home decor.

Preserve a four leaf clover in a wooden coaster with glossy resin for a long lasting reminder of your good fortune!

Customize your cheap plastic pens with EasySculpt resin clay in your favorite fandom like Star Wars lightsabers or Harry Potter magic wands.

Make a flower vase centerpiece that looks great year round and doesn't need any maintenance using EasyCast resin.

Gold leaf high gloss resin abstract painted canvas

Autumn leaf pendants coated in high gloss resin for long lasting finish

Marbled Oblique Calligraphy nib holders made with Easy Sculpt resin clay.

Acrylic paint poured round serving cheese tray coated in high gloss resin for long lasting finish

Moana inspired Maui's fishing hook necklace made with EasySculpt resin clay.

Gold and Silver leaf suspended in clear Easy Cast resin made into pendant necklaces.

Gold Glitter tray with high gloss resin finish

38 Four Leaf Clover Keychain

Four leaf clovers set in clear Easy Cast resin and made into easy key chains.

steampunk bottle caps using resin epoxy clay

Sparrow mold made with silicone mold putty and fast cast resin

Emerald green resin with gold leaf suspended inside and made into dresser knobs

Faux agate slices made with easy cast resin and translucent dyes

Gold Leaf Paperweights with black background. Made with EasyCast resin.

Tree branch jewelry organizer using a real tree branch and resin.

Petrified Rainbow coasters using Easy Cast resin and Alcohol ink drips

lace pendants coated in jewelry resin for long lasting heirloom.

Glittery mermaid tale keychains made with easy cast resin and silicone mold.

Mixed media resin canvas diy

Paper pieced mosaic frame with high gloss resin finish.

Beetles or bugs in clear resin for paperweights or pendants

Cicadas in resin for the perfect clear resin specimen art

Candy sprinkles in resin key chains.

DVD mosaic serving tray with high gloss resin for smooth and glossy finish.

rainbow acrylic paint pour coated in high gloss resin

Pressed flowers suspended in Easy Cast resin paperweight

Pink Glitter resin knobs made with Easy Cast resin

faux crystal turquoise wire wrapped pendant necklace diy

Flower fabric lined serving tray coated with high gloss resin for long lasting finish.

Cameo Brooches made with Fast Cast resin and high gloss resin with geek inspired pictures

Galaxy painted resin clock with high gloss resin finish

Metallic photo holders made with Fast Cast resin for quick set project

Geometric Resin and Wood Bookend made with EasyCast resin.

Geometric succulent holders made with Easy Cast and Fast Cast resin.

steampunk gears and cogs set in ornate pendant with jewelry resin

Blue ombre resin in seashell for soap dish

Rolled paper upcycled scrap papers pendant coated with glossy jewelry resin.

Glitter tumbler coated in high gloss resin for long lasting finish

Trinkets in spoon pendants filled with resin to look like water.

Gallery Wall canvas resin paint pour with gold leaf finish

Monogram pendant coated with jewelry resin

Rainbow sunset resin paint pour on wooden coasters

tropical leaves on serving tray coated with high gloss resin for long lasting finish.

Easy Sculpt resin clay formed into Unicorn horns and then made into oblique calligraphy pen holders.

Unicorn ring dish with horn for rings made of easysculpt resin clay

Resin paint pour ocean waves across the United States wood cut out

That's it!

Phew, can you believe I've created 100 things from resin!?

Which projects are your favorite?

I love number 99, 31, 46, and 80 so much!

Of course, I love them all!

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Here's 100 resin crafts for you to make! What can you make with resin, I've got one hundred craft projects, repairs and fun ideas for you!