Metallic Leaf Tray with High Gloss Resin

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Metallic Leaf Tray with High Gloss Resin

Upcycle an old tray using metallic leaf and high gloss resin. I love doing resin projects, they are so fun and turn out so professional. The best part of using resin is that if you follow the directions carefully, it works out perfectly!

Supplies Needed for Resin Tray with Metallic Leaf

Tray in need of an update
Mixing Cups, Stirring Sticks, Disposable Glove
Paintbrush for Dusting 

Step 1: Metallic Leaf on Tray

Begin with a tray in need of some upcycling. Mine has this monogram on it that is just not us.

Start by pouring the gilding adhesive over the tray.

Then use the paintbrush to spread it around.

Open up the metallic leaf in all the colors.

And place them one by one on the adhesive on the tray.

Continue adding metallic leafing to the tray, alternating colors as you go.

Once the tray is covered let it dry for a few minutes.

Then use a light paintbrush to dust away the metallic leaf that did not stick to the adhesive.

It's cool...but I don't love the blocky edges and squares on the tray...

Next, apply some adhesive in little spots.

Then add little pieces of metallic leaf all over the dots.

Then use the paintbrush again to dust away the parts of the metallic leaf that did not stick down. I always do this part outside, holding it over the dumpster, since the leaf gets everywhere.

Once satisfied with the metallic leaf, it's ready to add some resin to. I love the Mardi Gras look of the tray!

Step 2: Applying Resin to the Tray

Read the directions for the resin. It's simple to use and works like a dream if you follow the directions carefully.

Mix up 8 ounces of resin, 4 ounces resin and 4 ounces hardener. Then mix for 2 full minutes. Then pour into a second cup and use a new stick to mix for 1 more full minute.

Then pour the high gloss resin on the tray.

Use a mini torch, embossing gun or blow gently through a straw to pop all the bubbles that formed after 20 minutes of letting the resin sit.

Then let the tray sit overnight to harden and cure.

Now it's ready for the coffee table, breakfast tray or just for fun decoration!

I love the bright colors and the metallic shine!

That's it!

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