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Peacock Lollipop Holder!

   Peacock Lollipop Holder!  Drilling holes in wood is an easy way to hold lollipops  or cake pops...or other things on sticks! Here's a simple one that looks like a peacock...great for Spring! I traced an outline on 3/4 inch pine boards. And used a bandsaw to cut it out.  Spray painted it aqua and misted on some teal... and got lots of aluminum wire from the dollar section.  Cut some short pieces for the head feathers.  Used a thumbnail tack to make holes in the top...  And squish in the wires and curl the ends.  Then added some big tail feathers...  Held in place with thumbtacks and hot glue.  Other loops and swirls with hot glue.  Then hot glue the body to the tail.  Drill holes all along the edge...wherever you want a stick.  Presto!  Great way to serve things at parties!  Or give as a gift!  Check out these other lollipop holders! Firecracker Turkey Homemade Lollipops! This post published on Doodlec

Glitter Stencil Leather Key Fob!

Glitter Stencil Leather Key Fob!  I love the combination of textures and material. Like leather and glitter! Leather is on trend right now, but frankly never goes out of style. It lasts forever and looks great as it ages.  I love it-- here's some other leather projects!   Amy from ModPodge Rocks sent me a fun package of goodies! A skeleton key stencil , some glitter tubes and spouncers ... I was not compensated other than supplies.   I gathered some basic tools and some scrap leather. You'll need a pattern cut from's the shape I used... sort of a stretched out deflated balloon.  Fit it on the backside of your scrap leather.  trace with a pen or pencil...    Cut out with a sharp hobby knife...on a cutting mat!  Get your stencil ready...these are awesome, like stickers!  Stick it on where you want it...    Get your mod podge and sponge    Tap it on to cover the area...  Pull off the stencil...  This glitter is so e

Homemade Teeth Whitening Toothpaste!

    Toothpaste. It's not really necessary...flossing and brushing with water would do just as well. My dad never uses toothpaste.  He just follows up with mouthwash and has great teeth. The fact is, toothpaste is loaded with things that aren't great for you. I grew up with lots of mouth sores...kanker sores all the time. My husband did too. Whatever the main reason...braces, gluten sensitivity, etc... the chemical "SLS" or Sodium Laurel Sulfate also causes and prolongs kanker sores! And it is in nearly EVERY kind of toothpaste out there! It is the "foaming" agent.  Rabid stuff. It is what makes shampoo foam too. We'll skip the discussion about fluoride. Okay, so for 12 years...I've been spending about $8 for a tube of "boo-boo" natural toothpaste each month...let's see. That's 12 years, 12 144 months...times $8 (because we really do use 1 tube a month) That's $1152.00 Ouch. I can&#