Faux Butterfly Wing Earrings with Resin

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Faux Butterfly Wing Earrings with Resin

Butterfly wings are super gorgeous.  These stunning earrings are easy to make and require no butterfly to create them.  Make a pair of faux Monarch wings earrings for the perfect accessory.


Measuring Cups, Stirring Sticks and Disposable Gloves
Printed Monarch on Vellum Cardstock
Tiny Hole Punch or Large Needle
Earring Hooks
Jewelry Pliers
Non stick surface like Teflon to work on
Old Paintbrush

Step 1: Print Butterflies

Begin by printing this monarch off on vellum cardstock paper with an inkjet printer (toner not necessary).  Regular cardstock can be used too but will not look as ethereal.

I had some striped vellum leftover from wedding stationery, so I used it and the butterflies don't look unusually striped. 

Next use scissors to cut one set of butterfly wings.

Step 2: Mixing Resin

Now mix up a tiny bit of Envirotex Lite into the mixing cups.  Follow directions precisely.  Pour about a “pea” sized amount of resin and a “pea” sized amount of hardener for one set of earrings.

 I mixed up 1/2 teaspoon of each in my small mixing cups and had enough left over to coat a painted rock the size of a softball!  Stir in one cup for 2 minutes, then transfer the resin to the second cup and stir with a second stick for 1 minute.

Step 3: Paint Resin

Now use the paintbrush to paint a thin layer of resin on each wing.

Then use a straw to blow on any bubbles that have formed.

Let the wings dry overnight.  Resin will amber over time, so this project is especially great since the monarch wings are already shades of yellow.

Step 4: Adding Hardware

Once the resin is dry, punch a hole in the top of each wing.

Just as pictured, as close to the top of the wings as possible.

Finally, use jewelry pliers to attach the earring hooks to the butterfly wings.

Perfect earrings to wear to a garden party on a Spring day!

That's it!

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