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Easy Halloween DIY Costume Props + Accessories Round-Up

Easy Halloween DIY Costume Props + Accessories

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year.  I love the smell in the air.  I love to walk through crunchy leaves while trick-or-treating.  I love the candy!  I love the costumes!  Part of a great costume is the accessories for it.  Props can add a lot of detail and fun to a costume.  Here are 14 fun props and accessories that will make all of October lots of fun!

Trick or Treat Loot Bag
Growing up we always used a pillow case for our trick or treat bag...but why?  This bag is sturdy and just as large--plus, handles!

Wolf Tail
Animal costumes can be simple and fun...just add a tail for this one!

Hot Glue Necklaces
These are going around on pinterest and other sites recently, but I am pretty sure that I started it with these years ago (2013)...so yeah, I get all the credit.  Hot glue makes perfect accessories for costumes...Blood, slime, webs and stitches--easier than cleaning off make-up!

Pirate Hooks!
Perfect for a swashbuckler!

Beaded Spider Necklace
Wear this everyday of the week during October--it's sure to spark a conversation!  Beaded spiders are cute and creepy!

Maleficent Staff
One of my favorite Halloween props of all time--the Maleficent staff, complete with crow.  Lights up and was a breeze to make!

Chrome Pumpkin
Decorate with a little classy pumpkin--just add paint to a cheap candy bucket to make it super chic!

Spider Web Necklace
I love Halloween jewelry and spiders are always my "go-to".  Wrapping a spider web is a great variation too!

Fat Lady Necklace
Any Harry Potter fan will love this necklace!  Easy to make and so much fun!

Don't bring wormy acorns in the house...but keep the caps and make your own!

Easy Freezer Paper Skeleton Shirts
Look how little and sweet my kids were...time flies people.  I should have them remake this picture this year!

Candy Corn Jewelry!
Perfect accessories for wearing daily!  These are totally adorable and easy to make!

Rocket Jet Packs
Perfect costume idea--and my most popular post of all time.  This is easy to make with upcycled supplies.  Perfect for someone with a little imagination!

Beetles in Resin
Just because they are sooooo cool!  Casting bugs in resin is the best.

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Moana Inspired Heart of Te Fiti Shirt with Cricut!

Moana Inspired Heart of Te Fiti Shirt with Cricut!
Make an adorable shirt for any Moana loving person in your life.  The heart of Te Fiti is a magic, glowing stone that finds Moana and wants to be put back where it belongs.  It's green and enchanting, even Shiny wants to add it to his collection.

To make this fun shirt, you will need:  Affiliate links included
Green Shirt
Holographic Iron-on Vinyl 
Cricut Maker or other cutting machine

Place the iron-on vinyl face down on the mat and cut the image above in reverse.
Weed the excess vinyl from the carrier sheet.
Place the vinyl on the shirt with the plastic side up.
Use the EasyPress to set the vinyl.  Check this chart for specific settings.
Heat the back of the shirt for 10-15 seconds.

Then peel off the carrier sheet.
Now it is ready to wear and will have you singing about the water in no time!  Perfect for a luau or Moana themed party, princess or great gift idea!
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Resin Heirloom Lace Pendants Craft DIY

This ETI-USA sponsored post was live on Resin Crafts Blog previously.  
Affiliate links included.  All opinions are my own. 
Resin Heirloom Lace Pendants Craft DIY
Resin crafts are easily becoming my favorite types of projects these days.  I love working with all types of resins.  This project is a quick one and a fun way to preserve some lace in a pendant.

You will need:
***the jewelry resin can yellow over time so white lace will look more off white***
EnviroTex Jewelry Resin
UltraSeal or ModPodge
Pendant Bezel and chain
Begin by cutting a piece of lace the size of the inside of the bezel.
Then paint the sealer generously inside the bezel.
Place the lace on top and seal over the top of the lace.
Mix the resin according to package directions in a 2 phase manner.  Raise the bezel to a level surface since the hanging part extends to the back.
Then pour a small amount of the resin in the bezel at a time.
Until the resin bubbles over the top edge and just holds on with surface tension.  Let it sit for about 15 minutes, then use a straw to gently blow all the bubbles that have formed.  Then let it cure for 24 hours.
The lace is delicate and dainty on a necklace!
If hoping for the more contrasted effect, add and seal a circle of black cardstock in the bezel before the lace.
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This post published on Doodlecraft first 
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