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DIY Halloween Tree Ornaments with Crow Topper on Blue Tree from Treetopia

This post is sponsored by Treetopia as part of their Halloween Queens and Kings campaign. DIY Halloween Tree Ornaments with Crow Topper on Bright Blue Tree from Treetopia Welcome to Doodlecraft!  I'm Natalie and I am so happy to be part of Treetopia 's DIY Queen's and Kings Halloween Tree Series!  I love Halloween but have never decorated a Christmas tree for Halloween before.  This was a fun challenge and adds so much fun and haunting holiday spirit in our home.  Have you been following the blog hop with Treetopia this week? Treetopia is hosting a fun blogger event ...all focused on the awesome lighted trees.  Each blogger received a pre-lit Christmas tree and 2 varieties of Christmas ornaments.  Check out these other amazing blogger and their Halloween Trees! #TreetopiaHalloweenQueensAndKings #TreetopiaHalloweenParty #HalloweenTr

10+ of The Most Colorful Crafts Ever Round-Up!

10+ of The Most Colorful Crafts Ever Round-Up! Colorful crafts are so much fun.  Where I am living, it's's getting cold, breezy, crisp, and jewel toned.  I love the bright colors and love working with bright colors indoors to help combat the Winter blues.  Here's the greatest COLORFUL craft round up ever...13 fun ideas to brighten your day! If you haven't already, get this VIP Box from Tombow for colored Fudenosuke pens and dot grid journal!  Check out this post here . Alcohol Ink and Gold Leaf Coasters This is one of my all time favorite is so much fun and looks amazing! Coffee Flower Wreath I love the fern paper leaves and the hand dyed coffee filter flowers! Watercolor and Frisket Using masking material to resist the water colors is a great way to do a watercolor art piece with minimal skill! Marbled Notebooks Yummy and yes!  I love the rainbow of bright colors--marbling is so fun! Crochet Wreath Crocheted flow