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Doctor Who: Good Better Best!

 What's better than a Giant cardboard cutout of the TARDIS? Okay, the actual TARDIS! But if you can't have need this one!  I received this TARDIS cutout free of charge from Oriental Trading  in exchange for my honest review and post. I am thrilled that Oriental Trading has a whole bunch of my favorite geeky stuff... (last year we got this Jango Fett costume ) they are already the total party stop...and now it's even better! They even have 2 different cutouts of David Tennant!  $35 each. The Tardis arrived through time and space with some assembly required.  We unfolded it...yes, there's the Pandorica opens! Lay the Tardis face down on the floor... remove the sticky back velcro tabs...  Line it up at the bottom guide lines...  And press it down. Attach the other velcro piece to the velcro tabs and tuck them into the easel.  Then it stands perfectly without being propped up against a wall! This is big too!  It says "life s

Doctor Who Tardis and Weeping Angel Boutique Bow!

Doctor Who Tardis and Weeping Angel Boutique Bow!  Perfect Geekery Flair!  Geek Chic!  Make a beautiful Boutique bow with something blue!  Hot glue is amazing! To make the TARDIS bow center, I used my Doctor Who mold that I used here for Chocolates . Fill up the mold with hot glue... (Don't have a mold???  Make your own tutorial here! )  Let it cool  Pull it out! Perfectly formed! Spray paint, then add details with acrylic paint! (*spoilers* many more fun bows to come!) Ready to top some fancy boutique bows!    Hot glued right on the top of the bow!  Now...How to make that cute bow??? Let's start simple.  Like this Weeping Angel Bow.  Zig zag some ribbon like an there are 4 loops...2 on each side.  Pinch and gather the ribbon in the center. Pinch and hold in place. Use some thread and wrap the center about 20 times around. Then tie it off tight and cut the thread.  Now it looks kind of smooshed. Tak

Bowties are Cool Necklace!

 Make a girly geeky Doctor Who worthy accessory! Bowties are Cool!  Make it adjustable...choker or long length!  You'll need this bow pattern! Same one from the Leather Bow Bracelet... Just right click to save off...then print it out.  I stapled my pattern right onto some red felt. This way it won't slide around when I am cutting it.  Cut out the felt  You'll need a chain as well.  I used one with a hook and eye closure. It can hook onto any of the links of chin to vary the necklace length. But you could just use string too!  Add a dot of hot glue into the center of the felt. Loop over each side and press into the glue.  Like this. Use a little strip of felt to make the center of the bow.  Hot glue it,  wrap it around and hot glue it on the back.  Then get your chain ready...  And just slide it under the felt strip.  Hook it on and it's ready to wear! Adorable!  Girly and Geeky! Perfect birthday party favor idea!