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Princess Ottoman redo!

Here's the fabulous before!
 I found this ottoman at the thriftstore for $5.
It's very dated and worn.
I immediately tore off the trim, the skirting...
and it sat that way for a while.
Okay, through our move.
I wanted to redo it...cheaply!
So I dug through my fabric to find something
 sturdy enough for an ottoman.
I found a bunch of houndstooth...left over from this and this!
But not quite enough.
 But I had a remnant piece of bigger houndstooth
 that was just enough more!
I pieced the parts together to go around the chair with
 just enough seam allowance.

I traced the top circle of the ottoman on my fabric and cut it out.
I cut it the same size as the top because I wanted it to fit snugly.
 Then I sewed the tube around the circle. 
Hemmed the bottom edge.
It made a perfect slipcover.
This could have been enough...

But I wanted to secure it.
 Just flipped it over and stapled that hemmed edge around the bottom.
 And, ta da!  A perfectly princessy ottoman!
At least we call it the princess chair, even though
 it doesn't look princessy at all.
 Goes great with the ugly chair!


Super Sci-Fi Rocket Fueled Jet Pack--Full Tutorial Part 2

Super sci-fi rocket fueled jet packs tutorial diy in less than 30 minutes

Super Sci-Fi Rocket Fueled Jet Pack--Full Tutorial Part 2

Do you love fueling the imagination of a child?  This jet pack craft is quick...like less than 30 minutes quick!  This jetpack craft is cheap...like save a bunch of garbage cheap!  Just add some paint, straps and felt for the perfect imagination play piece, a costume or outer space party!

Plus, this is my number one post of all time.  For obvious reasons! 

 Here's the step by step for creating your very own Rocket Jet Pack!


Two 2-liter bottles, empty and clean
Silver spray paint
Hot glue/gun

 I took a piece of cardboard that fit the width of his back.  Used some old backpack webbing and stapled in place to go around his arms.  You could use hot glue instead of staples...we just went for quick!
Clean and dry the soda bottles.  2-liter bottles are the best, but you could use any size of plastic soda bottles.
 Lightly mist the tops of the soda bottles with silver spray paint.  I didn't bother to paint the backside of the bottles, because they will be glued to the backboard and won't show.  Don't you love crafting with trash?
Then cut flames out of felt in red and orange and yellow (if you have it) for each rocket engine...turbine...soda bottle.
Hot glue them in the spout...this could get fancier, with streamers and tinsel...but it doesn't have to.  You could even use old grocery bags from the grocery store.
Then  hot glue the bottles onto the cardboard.  He (Mr. 3) took it out for a test drive only to find that the arm straps slipped down.  I took some more webbing and a buckle and stapled them across the front for maximum stabilization.  I also hot glued on a little rectangle of felt onto the front straps for the ignition switch.
We have lift-off!  And I am now the best mom in the galaxy.   It's really that easy.
Great for costumes!  Great for dressing up and playing!  Great for wearing to the Library!!!
  I think he could instantly run faster too!  So much delight.
Perfection, right?
I'd love to see your pictures of your jet packs too!  Email me at Maildoodlecraft@gmail.com.

 I love his extreme happiness! Garbage, spray paint, felt fire, 20 minutes...Priceless.
Best mom ever status.



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Super Sci-Fi Rocket Fueled Jet Pack--Upcycled Craft DIY

Super Sci-Fi Rocket Fueled Jet Pack--Upcycled Craft DIY

I love upcycled crafts.  There is nearly nothing better than taking something destined for the landfill and turning into pure joy.  This Rocket Jet Pack is the perfect upcycled craft.  It's easy and quick to make!  You can add all the embellishments in the world, or just let it be the fuel for your child's imagination.
This craft promises to make you a better parent in less than 20 minutes.  There are days I am just rushing around, taking care of everything that I barely notice the people I love the most.  I know we've all been there.  This craft is the solution.  It doesn't take long and anyone can do it.  And the instant joy in your persons eyes is worth every minute!
With my son's imagination...I knew he needed some Jet Packs.  He loves to run.  He loves the thought of flight.  And I like making things with little expense...especially if I know they are going to get flown around at top speed.  You guys...this is my baby, but these can be custom made to fit anyone of any size.
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This post published on Doodlecraft first 
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