Resin Dirty Pour Gold Leaf Canvas Paintings Set DIY

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Resin Dirty Pour Gold Leaf Canvas Paintings Set DIY
Flo Paintings, Dirty Pours, Drip paint, marbling...pretty much all the same word for a technique that the world can not get enough of.  Coupled with some gold leaf for utter perfection.  Make a unique set of canvases perfect for a cluster gallery wall.
You will need:
Various Size Canvas
Envirotex High Gloss Resin 16 oz.
Acrylic Craft Paint
Stirring Sticks, Mixing cups, disposable work surface, gloves
Gold Leaf/adhesive
Pick a variety of craft paints in the shades you love.
Mix the resin according to the package directions.  Raise the canvas up on cups.
Pour the mixed resin into smaller mixing cups and add a daub of paint.  Stir them until blended.
Pour onto the canvas in random order.
Tilt and tip the canvas to spread the resin all over the canvas.
Repeat the process for all the canvases.
Add more resin...when it drips onto the table, scrape it up with a stirring stick and drip it back on top.
Use a heat gun to blow away any bubbles that have formed and gently move the resin around.
Then let them dry and cure for about 24-48 hours.
Once dry use gold paint or gold leaf and paint all the edges of the canvas.
Then apply the gold leaf to the surfaces.
Apply some adhesive to the canvas.  Wait until the adhesive dries and then apply pieces of gold leaf.
Use a light paintbrush to remove the excess gold leaf.  Then they are ready to hang in a cluster.
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