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Cherry Bomb Birthday Party!

 Cherry Bomb Birthday Party!  My daughter's favorite thing is cherries! And they are both so for her birthday in April we did a vintage cherry theme! She got all dressed up and her Aunt Mary styled her hair... Nothing quite as fun as a make-over for your birthday!  We made adorable little cherry bundles!  Using Dum-Dums and some green yarn...  Finding matching sucker pairs...  And tying it off with some green yarn to make an adorable little cherry pair!  Set in a cupcake liner for presentation!  We also made a Cherry Berry pie!  We had the perfect spread! Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks, Cookie Dough truffles ...  Lots of cream and cherries for the pie...  Cherry Vanilla ice cream floats!   ooey gooey cupcakes!  With lots of colorful decorations!  Happy Birthday little Cherry!  Chalkboards make the best backdrops! Perfect to switch up for any occasion! Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-Cherry Bomb!

Wire Wrapped Pendants! Petrified Wood!

Wire Wrapped Pendants! To make these awesome pendants you will need some earthy treasures. I went to Arizona to visit my sister...who by chance, lives in the same latitude as Petrified Forest...but not close to it.  I guess the stars align and there are the perfect elements to make the trees turn to stone, because quite by chance we found some while hiking (not in the National Park).   We hiked an open trail right off a dirt road, right off the hiway and stumbled upon millions of pieces of petrified wood!  Again, we were not in reserved I took some.  So sue me. :)  Don't tell me you've never loaded pockets with rocks before.  Okay, I loaded my purse with pieces...about 20 pounds worth!  Alright, it was not even 20 pounds, but everything feels heavier on a hike.  (am I the only one loading up on rocks during a hike?) I got some big chunks, but I wanted some crystal shards to make into necklaces!  It's gorgeous and sparkles in the right light.  Ple

Leather Work Projects!

Koi Book Cover 2 Stud Belt Mason Jar Mug Coozie Leather Stick Barrette Leather Mouse Pad Leather Key Fob Mini Leather Book Leather Book Cover Leather Name Cuff Leather Rhinestone Bracelet Leather Feather Earrings Leather Bow Bracelet Leather Name Bracelet Leather Cuff with Clip on Earrings Leather Chevron Earrings Long Scarf Earrings Giant Zipper Vest! Hibiscus Leather Purse This post published on Doodlecraft first