DIY: Gold Leaf Resin Paperweights

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DIY: Gold Leaf Resin Paperweights
These resin paperweights are so sparkly and wonderful!  I love the gold leaf and the magical dance they are frozen in time.  These would also make fabulous magnets too!
I love having pretty things around my desk...yes, clutter too...but these paperweights add to the fun and sparkle.  Let's make some!
Gather supplies:
Clear Casting Resin
Gold Leaf

Black Opaque Dye
Magnets (optional)
Mix the resin according to the package directions.  Just an ounce or 2 of resin and just a few drops of catalyst.  Mix in a disposable cup with a disposable stick.  Pour a quarter inch of resin in each mold cavity.
Let it gel and sit for 20 minutes.
Then add pieces of gold leaf in the cavity of each mold.  The gold leaf is finicky and swirls and curls.
Let it sit about 20 more minutes.  Then mix up some more resin, fill half the squares with clear resin.  Then add some drops of black opaque dye in the resin and fill the other squares with black.  Which do you like better?  Black or clear?  I love the black ones.
Let them cure overnight.  Then pop them out of the molds.  You can add magnets to the backside of the resin with E6000 glue if you want.  Otherwise, enjoy the gold glistening paperweights.
Resin is such a fun medium for crafting with.  If you haven't tried it, you must give it a try this year.  There are so many fun crafts and diy's with it.
Perfect for a fun stack of paper on the desk.
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