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Real 4-Leaf Clover Shamrock Pendant!

 Real 4-Leaf Clover Shamrock Pendant! So did you know that each leaf of a clover represents something. The first is Faith, second is Hope, third is Love and the fourth is Luck! So a 4-leaf clover is good luck! They say there are 10,000 3-leaf clovers to every 1 4-leaf clover. That also makes them good luck to find!  True Story: My daughter, when she was 6, was sitting outside in the grass. Near the fence was a little clover patch.  She miraculously found a 4-leaf clover! I was shocked!  Here's the beauty.  I pressed it and scanned it in the computer. Each leaf was heart shaped, so cute! I thought it must have been a fluke...never had I seen a 4-leaf clover, let alone  the 6 year old finding one.  So I went out and sat in the grass, same spot...and hunted and hunted and hunted. All of the ones in the grass were the 3 leaf variety.  She really was LUCKY! And it made her older brother shed a single tear of jealous sadness. Totally adorable, right? Well, s

Reversible Fabric Bags! #tbt

 Reversible Fabric Bags! Here's how to make a GREAT reversible bag! I got the pattern here from Very Purple Person . Just print it off and tape it together...then cut it out. You'll need 2 contrasting fabrics for ultimate cuteness. (I didn't sew in any darts...) Cut 2 of each fabric on the fold to make this shape. Put the right sides together of each fabric and sew the rounded edge... I zig-zag the edge to prevent fraying. Do that to this Take 1 of the fabrics and turn it right side out. Then fit that one inside the other one...this way the "rightsides" are together. Line it up straight... Now you are going to sew the 2 layers together. Around the "neckline" and the "armpits" and the "backline" Leave the top 3 inches of the straps unsewn. Then cut little snips around the rounded edges. Take care not to cut the stitches.  This will allow  the fabric to lay flat inside that ro