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How to Make an Iridescent Resin Tumbler!

How to Make an Iridescent Resin Tumbler! Make a resin tumbler that rivals the shimmer of a mermaid tail! This iridescent resin tumbler diy is easy to make and has texture, shine and smoothness. Learn how to make an iridescent resin tumbler in this tutorial. Resin crafts are so much fun and if you haven't tried a tumbler yet, consider this your sign! This shiny tumbler is perfect for staying hydrated, mixed drinks or as the perfect handmade gift. Make the coolest iridescent resin tumbler in just a few minutes, plus drying/curing time!  The crinkled iridescent finish is super smooth to the touch, but reflects all kind of shimmery, rainbow light! This tumbler posted on Resin Crafts Blog first! Making tumblers is so much fun! They make the perfect gift filled with goodies, gift cards and more. They are easy to customize.  Adding glitter, vinyl or any other details to make them extra special is a breeze too. Finished off with a coating in Envirotex Lite High Gloss Finish gives them a su

Ghostbuster Costumes Made with Cricut!

Ghostbuster Costumes Made with Cricut! Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Make the perfect Ghostbusters jumpsuit costumes for cosplay, Halloween or for a comic convention!  You could dress up like a Stranger Things crossover--like Dustin, Mike, Will and Luke dressed up as Ghostbuster! I loved the old school Ghostbuster movies, at least the first one. It's a classic. I'm not crazy about the reboot with the ladies...and I haven't seen the latest. What do you think about the movies? Which is your favorite? This effective costume was super simple and put together in just a few minutes thanks to Cricut!  My Cricut machine is worth its weight in gold, seriously...I love it.  I work with Cricut, but will remain a loyal customer forever. Here's everything you need to know before buying a Cricut! This little ghostbuster logo is iconic and most likely has a copyright, so do not make these to sell. Whip one up for loyalty to the show and excitement for more merc

Wood Slice Watercolor Lettering Sign

Wood Slice Watercolor Lettering Sign Here's a fun homemade craft that takes 5 minutes to make! I love quick crafts and this Wood slice watercolor mantra sign is perfect. First off, pick something you want to write on yours! How to make a wood slice hand lettering mantra sign in just 5 minutes. This post was on Tombow Blog previously as part of their Design Team in 2020. Affiliate links included. Supplies Needed for Wood Slice Lettering Sign: Wood Slice Tombow Dual Brush Pens Blending Palette MONOTWIN Permanent Marker Spray Bottle Pencil Step 1: Watercolor Background Begin by scribble coloring on the Blending Palette. Then spray the blending palette with some water. Next, turn over the blending palette and quickly press it on the wood slice.  Then remove the blending palette and let the wood slice dry. This isn't part of the 5 minutes, but it doesn't take too long. You can use a blow dryer to speed up the drying time.