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10 Papercraft DIY's all Made with Paper

10 Papercraft DIY's all Made of Paper Paper is absolutely one of my favorite crafting supplies. When I was around 9 years old I was given a ream of white copy paper for my birthday. I am sure my parents were trying to be creative for just a few dollars...but it was the GREATEST gift ever! I loved having as much paper as I could possibly use. 500 sheets of paper to do whatever I wanted. I learned how to make sweet paper airplanes, I practiced sketching and drawing and I crafted. Paper is relatively inexpensive and available everywhere. Papercrafting is the best! Who knows, your child might need a ream of paper to themselves as a birthday gift! Here are 10 fun papercraft ideas that will surprise you when you see they are made of paper.  Which one is your favorite? Paper Basket Tutorial I love this tutorial  Just using 2 pieces of square paper makes a darling basket, perfect for a gift! Shirt and Tie Envelopes Great envelope for a treat or card, perfect for Father'

How to Make a Crystal Orb Scepter Costume Prop!

 Crystal Orb Scepter Costume Prop DIY Halloween is my favorite holiday, but mostly I love the costumes. I think the difference between a great and a so-so costume is the accessories and props. A great prop can make a costume! This amazing crystal orb scepter is the perfect addition to a costume or cosplay. A Wizard, Warlock, Sage, Witch, Sorcerer, Mage, Enchanter, or Necromancer would all be excited to hold a staff like this. This could be used by an Adventurer, Druid, Plague Doctor, or just as an exotic walking stick.  This post is sponsored by Eti-USA and Resin Crafts Blog and was posted on their website previously. All ideas and opinions are mine.  Supplies Needed: EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy Silicone Ball Mold Mixing Cups, Stirring Sticks, Disposable Gloves Heat Gun or Mini Torch Walking Stick Leather Scraps E6000 Glue Begin by mixing the resin according to the package directions, in the 2 phase mixing process. Then full the mold with resi

Naruto Hidden Leaf Village Ninja Headband Craft DIY

 Naruto Hidden Leaf Village Ninja Headband Craft DIY My kids are totally into all the Anime shows that I will let them watch. Right now, the favorite is Naruto, have you watched it? If so, you know how important the Hidden Leaf Village ninja headband is. This is a fun and simple DIY craft that will have you rocking the Naruto cosplay world! This is the hidden leaf village looks like a bird head to me...but I have been assured by my teen and tween that it is in fact, a leaf.  Supplies Needed: Blue knit fabric (we used a t-shirt from the dollar store) Scrap of leather 6 silver brads Silver Rub 'n Buff Black Fashion Dimensional Paint Leather Punch (or hobby knife)  Begin by cutting your leather to fit across the wearers head. Our measurement was 5.5x2.5 inches.  Cut a rounded edge on the smaller sides.  Secondly, punch three holes along the edges. One at the top, one center and one at the bottom corners.  Then use the Rub n Buff to make t