Resin Agate Slices DIY

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Agate slices are so much fun and I love the natural ones...they are fun to use for place settings and decoration.  They are also super fun to make using resin!
Make some brightly colored agate slices yourself.
You will need:
Clear Polyester Casting Resin
Translucent Dyes
Silicone Caulking
Parchment Paper
Gold Leaf Paint
Nail File
Disposable Gloves
Start by covering a firm surface with parchment paper.
Next, use the silicone caulk to make rings, one round circle nesting around the next.  Let them dry or cure completely.  I let mine sit will be rubbery.
Next you will need the resin. Use a small mixing cup and stirring stick for each color of resin you decide to make, plus a large mixing cup and stirring stick.
Read and follow the package instructions for mixing and handling the resin.
I mixed 4.5 oz of resin.
Separated into 7 different small cups and mixed with a drop or two of the translucent dyes.
Then pour the resin into the open rings on the parchment.  Let them set for about an hour.
Then gently pull the silicone rings out of the middle of the resin.  Leave the outside ring there.
Then let the resin set overnight.
Next day, mix up some more clear casting resin.  Pour over the rings of colors and fill the troughs between the rings and let cure again overnight.
The following day, remove the outside silicone ring and pull the agate slices off the parchment.
Use the nail file to sand and smooth the edges of each slice.
Next, use some Liquid Leaf and paint the edges of the slices gold.
Let dry completely and they are ready to use for decor, coasters, accent pieces, and more!
I love how the blues look.  I am such a sucker for blues!

Such a fun project to make!  If you haven't worked with resin yet, it's a fun thing try.
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