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Overnight Breakfast Casserole with Egg Sausage Mushroom

Overnight Breakfast Casserole with Egg Sausage Mushroom I love an overnight breakfast! I love it for a holiday morning or a Sunday brunch. This fantastic overnight breakfast casserole would be perfect for Easter morning. It's easy to make, easy to make changes and super yummy! What is your life like these days? I feel like I am doing a lot of being home, right!? Anyway, my family is eating well and loving our social isolation. Do you have any Easter brunch traditions? Sadly, we don't have a lot of traditions. I guess our tradition is trying to remember holidays and celebrate them however we can each year. Not a lot to pass on to the kids or grandkids...but traditions can always be started. Recipe for Overnight Breakfast Casserole: 2 (24 ounce) packages of tator tots 10 eggs 1 cup of milk 16 oz. sausage browned in skillet Add 1 container of mushrooms to sausage and sautee a moment Then pour sausage/mushrooms over tots Add 2 cups of cheese Cove

Rae Dunn Easter Eggs plus 5 FREE Fonts

This post is sponsored by  Oriental Trading , all opinions are my own. Affiliate links included.  #OTCHipHopSquad   #orientaltrading  #OTCEaster  #ad   Rae Dunn Easter Eggs plus 5 FREE Fonts! Give those giant plastic Easter eggs a little farmhouse chic finish with Rae Dunn inspired vinyl phrases or even names. These eggs are giant and can be filled with treats, toys or love notes. Perfect for an egg hunt around the yard on Easter morning. <<Rae Dunn fonts at the bottom of this post>> Oriental Trading is your one stop shop for Easter fun!   Get free shipping on any order at Oriental Trading with the promo code: HipHop20 --any order! Just get a pack of these eggs for a few dollars and have them shipped for free! Are you a Rae Dunn lover? Confession, I don't own anything authentic Rae Dunn, because I haven't found any of it in the thrift store yet. But I'll let you know when I do! Do you shop at thrift stores? I love them. I can cons

5 Cricut Papercrafts to Make at Home

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut . All opinions are 100% mine. 5 Cricut Papercrafts to Make at Home Stay home and craft! Today I am sharing five Cricut papercrafts that can be made at home. Chances are you already have the supplies needed to make these crafts. Shop your house and see what you can use to create instead of rushing to the store. Let's get creative! I don't know what your life is like right now, but things are definitely different. Well, for me, they are mostly the same. I work from home, homeschool my 3 kids and my husband is it's all 5 of us everyday. I'm not feeling any different with schools closed. I am starting to feel eager to interact with friends and neighbors's hard to distance for this long. What is your life like now? Do you have a Cricut machine? If you don't, now is the perfect time to order one. Free Shipping until the end of March, use the code: MARSHIP. Then you ca