Resin Faux Quartz Crystal or Turquoise Wire Wrapped Necklace Pendants DIY Craft!

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Make your own crystals with EasyCast or FastCast resin.

Resin Faux Quartz Crystal or Turquoise Wire Wrapped Necklace Pendants DIY Craft!

This wire wrapped necklace is a DIY from start to finish!  These fake crystals are handmade and then wrapped with wire and strung with chain. 
These would make a great handmade gift for the holidays.  Let's get started making them!
You will need:
EasyCast Resin
FastCast Resin
Crystal Silicone Mold
Jewelry Pliers
Mixing cups, stirring sticks, disposable gloves and worksurface
Read the directions and mix the resin according to the package instructions.  The blue one is FastCast resin and the clear one is EasyCast resin.  I made one of each.  The blue one has a little resin dye in it.  FastCast sets in 15 minutes...EasyCast will set and cure in about 24-48 hours. 
Once the crystals are made and cured, it's time to wire wrap them.
Get 2 pieces of 22 gauge wire...about 8 inches each.
Fold the 2 pieces in half.

Twist the top around to make a hanging pendant loop.
Split the wires into 4 sections.
And place it right on top of the crystal.
Wrap and tightly pull the wire down the side of the crystal.
Once to the tip of the crystal, twist the wires together.  Then wrap the wire up the side of the crystal to secure and hold it in place.
Once the wire is getting close to the end of the wire, tuck it under one of the wires...
And use the pliers to twist it tightly in place.

Then repeat for the second wire.  With the last 2 remaining wires, twist them together tightly.
Then wrap and twist them around the crystal, finally securing it in place.
Add a chain to the pendant loop and secure the chain ends together.
Awesome and easy to make!
Which do you prefer?  The faux quartz crystal or the faux turquoise?
The gold or the silver chain?
I love them both, I can't decide!  Perfect for handmade gifts to give or sell!
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