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Leap Year day!

It's an extra day of the year!  :)
Okay, so I am embarking on my big move at 3 a.m. (Thurs)
Myself, my mom, and my 3 kids are taking the train across the country to NC.
We are excited! 
We've been reading Harry Potter together...so
 they are ready for the Hogwart's Express!
Wish us luck!

So my Grandpa Sperry loved trains!
He had tons of model trains.  
We went on a couple little train rides with him. 
 The kind of old time train that just goes one way down the 
track...stops...and then reverses back.
I feel like taking the train on this trip reminds me of him.
He has his own museum at Lagoon, Pioneer Village in Farmington, UT.
I pasted this from Wikipedia for my posterity's sake.

David E. Sperry’s Model Train Museum

 David E Sperrys Model Train Museum The Lagoon Miniature Railroad.jpg

The David E. Sperry Model Train Museum contains dozens of model trains, most of which are from the collection of David E. Sperry. Sperry’s fascination with trains began in 1928 when he saw an electric train in a friend’s sandbox. From 1930 to 1934 he went through many catalogs and store displays in an effort to increase his collection. In 1935 he was hired by ZCMI as a model train salesman. Over the next sixteen years, he helped customers build their own train layouts both in the store and in their homes. He later joined the local and national train collectors clubs where he received the title, "The Repairman’s Repair Man."



Yard Sale List...formulating

Every year around Pre-yard sale season
I formulate a list of things I would like to find at yard sales.
These range from sensible things like the next size up 
of clothes and shoes for my kids, a rice cooker, things I
 can resell, supplies for projects...to weirdly specific things.  
I have been very blessed and have been able to find mostly
 everything I need/want at yard sales or second hand stores.

This week we are moving to North Carolina,
which I hear is yard sale/antique store/estate sale/furniture capital of the world...
(anyone from or been to NC that can clarify this?)
 So, my list has begun.  Here is the start:

Some awesome vintagey chairs.

Owl cookie jar...since this one is my sisters!  
Ahh, how did she score this for only $1!  
I can't even google images of owl cookie jars this amazing!

 Silver teapot and sugarbowl...don't drink tea ever, but they are so darling!

 Here's the catch...they have to be in my price range.
Wish me luck!
I'll be adding to the list, I am sure!


Happy Birthday!

It's my husband's birthday today!
He has been doing Army training for a year...
and finally we are able to move to be with him!
We are leaving this week for North Carolina and will be a
 family again by next Sunday!  :)
Happy Birthday Honey! 
Here's a little "him and me" montage...with some kissing parts.



Flower sprig barrette

 I snagged these roses and sprig thingy from a 
flower arrangement on it's way to the DI.



Picture Scavenger Hunt!

One of my daughter's favorite things to do is 
borrow my snapshot camera and
 take as many pictures as she can...
We end up with stuff like this:
So, I made up a game for her.
It's a photo scavenger hunt...feel free
 to print it off for your kiddos!
(It's also a pretty fun group date...each couple splits
 up and they meet back up to share photos)
I print this out...
put on a clipboard with a pen attached by a string
(so official!)
And let her take the camera.  She is 7 and very careful.
You could just let your kids go and find things and
check off the boxes without the camera...that is fun too!
Then we end up with cute pictures like this:




Fabric Rosettes!

This is one of the first projects I took step by step
 pictures of a year ago...and never posted them!
You will need:
Fabric for rosette
Hot glue gun (I use low temp)
Denim or canvas circles

Begin by tearing a strip 3/4" wide.
Tie a knot in the end.
Begin rolling the fabric strip around the knot...
Hot gluing a tiny dot every time or 2 around.
Twist and turn the fabric as you wrap.
Glue the end in place.
Apply generous amounts of hot glue to
the underside of your rosette.
Do not burn yourself.
 Press onto denim or canvas circle.
Let cool.
Cut off excess edge of denim.
Adorn with pearl or other sparkly.
Then, make a million.
They are fun and easy!
Perfect for hair bows, gift bows, pillows, headbands,
cards or paper crafts, a wreath, necklaces...
here are more ideas!


Candy Sushi!

We made Candy Sushi for a family night treat!
Start with swedish fish, fruit roll-ups and rice crispy treats! 
(we made the rice crispy treats ourselves)
 Place a "log" of rice crispy treats on the fruit roll up.
Lay fish on top of the rice...
Roll it up tight and cut into 1 inch pieces...
Then, because they look gross...top them off with a fish.
Better, still weird, but better.
Tastes great!



Star Bits!

I love these little paper Star Bits!
These would be so fun for a Mario Brother's party...
And better than CANDY in a candy dish!
anyway...easy to make and uses up scraps of paper--practically free!
These would be great out of magazines...
newspaper...book pages...!

but since I am too lazy to make my own 
instructions...here's one I lifted!

I am going to make a ton and fill a big glass jar!
Wish me luck!  :)


Eyelashes, Kids & Latisse

To start, let me say I am not paid to say anything
 on my blog...I wish I was getting a crapload of 
freebies and the poster child of craftiness, but no.
I just do and say what I want because I want.

Every year or so, I get this wild hair to
 take a bazillion pictures of myself.
They then go into a folder titled "nats a dork" with the year.
(I do it mainly in case I am abducted and my family 
needs current sultry pictures of me to post on the news)
Surprisingly that urge hit me last week...
3 days off of when I did it last year.

I discovered something awesome.
my eyelashes.
All my life I have done my lashes the same way.
Curly them with my squeezy eyelash curler...
then mascara once...or twice if it was a
 super special occasion.

I had great lashes in high school 
and as a young wife and mother...
until I had baby number 3.  
(which was 3 1/2 years ago.)
And then my lashes seemed much 
shorter and sparcer than before.
I compensated by a ton of eyeliner and 
smokey eyes most of the time...

(February 13th 2011)

 Well, I mentioned my lack of lashes to my sister in law...
and for Christmas she got me some Latisse!
{Don't judge...the place sold it to her and she didn't have a prescription either...}
 So I used it.
Not as regularly as they say...they say every night...
I did it about every other or every 3 nights...when I remembered.

And now!

(February 10th 2012)
So if you were wondering if it's worth 
the hundreds of dollars of hype...
it worked for me!
Will I buy more?...probably not, I'm pretty cheap!
maybe when I am older...and richer.



Keys are cool.  Vintage keys are cooler.
 If I was way better organized, I would have kept our
first apartment key and done something like this for decor. 
I may still have all our old car keys, so I should dig them
out and do something cool with them.

 Here are some more great KEY ideas!



Candy bar cake

This was sort of a joke...
but this cake turned out good.
Just sayin.
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