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In an effort to be awesome and spectacular
for my daughter's 7th Birthday in April...
I made 7 individual cakes...
decorated on cake stands. (which I am obsessed with, btw)
My son helped me decorate and bake 
while my daughter was in bed.
It was so cute!  I love having a girl!

All she desperately wanted for her birthday were 
curly straws and brightly colored shot glasses, 
which we used for water...it's the simple things!

Fabulous My Little Pony Party!

For my daughters 6th birthday party we did a 
My Little Pony theme...
just thought I'd share some highlights!

We started off the evening with a blank banner
for the girls to color as they arrived:
(we had 12 little girls and a few boys)

The finished banner!

Then we did "Pony tails" and make-up!
Each girl picked a flower clip with curly ribbons to wear in their hair!

We took tons of glamor shots!

For dinner we had "Unicorn horn sandwiches"
Basically a Pillsbury croissant wrapped around 
ham and cheese and then baked until toasty!
Chips, veggies as well.

For games we made our own badges with a button maker,
We colored on shrink plastic to make a little pony necklace!
And then played pin the "cutie mark" on the pony!
Way fun!

We finished off the night with cake and ice cream
Hailee's aunt decorated the pony cake!

We barely had time to open presents before 
all the mom's came over to pick up their girls!
Hailee made bank on My little Ponies of everykind!
No duplicates!
Hope you enjoyed the trip down
memory lane with me!

Cubby Redo!

Got this little cubby at a 
yard sale...paid $15

(not exactly the pic, but I forgot to take a 
before..so...it was basically this color)
 I sprayed it all black...after some prepping and primer.
I love it!  Goes great with the black and white that I love!
The pull out bags have things like paper
products, candles, and kids crafts!

Little Nightstand!

Here's a little nightstand I got at a yard sale for $2.
I knew its potential.
 Here's the nightstand after I attacked it!
I had to use the same knobs...because I couldn't
find the same size to replace it...so 
I sprayed them with black and they'll have to do!

Thanks for looking!

Mad about Mad-Hatter/TEAPOT Lamps!

 I love Teapot Lamps!

I cut vinyl for the remaining 5 lamps today!
I love how each of them turned out!
But, because I only had 2 more lamp kits...
I only assembled 2 of them completely!~
This one is my sister-in-laws...
And the fish lamp...which got the most 
comments from yesterday's post!
And, I love, by the way!
wanted it to have sorta that Asian vibe...
with the koi and all.
 I'm MAD about these lamps!
 3 more to come...someday


My Mad-Hatter Lamp!

It's my Mad-Hatter Lamp!
First we acquire a zillion pieces of china and tea-ish stuff...
I always do things in bulk...always.
 Then, patiently drill holes with a diamond bit...
we didn't break any dishes, but it drained the batteries on 
the drills that we had to recharge after ever 4 dishes or so...
 Here's the pile of ceramic, china, glass
and pottery plugs we drilled out...
{I'm saying "we" because my sis-in-law is my sidekick}
Then the fun part...we thought!
Deciding which pieces we like together!
 Which turned out hard because they looked ridiculous 
all multi-colored and freaky...
So we opted to paint them first...then decide.
Mostly neutral lamp...so we did glossy white...
Teapots charcoal...except mine, I did Global Blue!
 Then I applied a super awesome flourish vinyl
cut with my Silhouette.
And the intricate wiring of the lamp
and PRESTO!  I did it!
 I love it so much!  I am freakin awesome!
 You know you want one.
I'll keep that in mind, as I've got 5 more to finish up!
Thanks for looking!
If you have some time, you can tell me how awesome I am!


My Cookies!

I love cookies!
Seriously my biggest weakness...
unless their are raisins involved {I call them "poisons"}

Here's my recipe:

3 cubes of butter {1.5 cups :)}
1 cup granulated sugar
1.5 cups brown sugar
Mix well.

3 eggs
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp vanilla
1.5 cups oats
4 cups flour

Then...I like to
split dough into 3 "equal" parts in 3 different bowls.
I like to make 3 varieties of cookies to look impressive!

Here are some options: {I did the first 3 today}
*mixed nuts {16 oz. can}
*peanut butter m&m's {2-3 cups}
*butterscotch & chocolate chips {whole bag of first, 1/2 of second}
*chocolate chip {whole bag}
*any candy bars chopped up {usually whole fun size bag}
{heath, butterfinger, andes, almond roca, symphony...}

This is basically a cookie recipe doubled.
The dough freezes perfectly...so do the cookies.
I put in a ton of candy...barely any dough in there!

Great to make a bunch of for neighbors or freeze some for later.
Frozen cookies taste yummy too!


Too Much TEAL???

Okay, did 3 things teal...and glazed...
and ya, that "thing" was a brass bowl...
These fabulous 3 wont stay matched up for long though...
They are on to better places!


Double Decker...

I had 2 ugly dressers...same sizeish
I had one space in my room...
So, I opted to stack the 2 dressers for maximum usage of space...
(yes, my room is filled to capacity, but awesome)

I didn't really get a good before pic...but you get it:
Ugly Before:

Awesome, yet ridiculously tall after!

I named her Double Decker.
She is awesome. and tall in stature.
Thanks for looking!
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