How to Make a Resin Glitter Keychain!

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How to Make a Resin Glitter Keychain!

This cute and glittery resin keychain is the perfect pinch-proof accessory for St. Patricks day, or year round to make those keys unique. Make a lucky glitter resin keychain quickly using EasyCast resin.

Do you do anything fun for St. Patrick’s day? Sometimes I make green food for my kids…and we wear green, but I don’t usually do a lot. I love this cute lucky keychain and it can be used year round, not just for the holiday.


Resin Mold
Green Glitter
LUCKY Alphabet Beads
Keychain Hardware
E6000 Glue
Pendant Bail
Jump Ring
Jewelry Pliers
Stirring Sticks, Mixing Cups, Disposable Gloves


Begin by reading the EasyCast directions to be sure mixing is done properly. Pour one part resin and one part hardener in the mixing cup and stir for 2 full minutes. Then pour into a second cup and use a second stick and stir again for 1 full minute.

Pour the mixed resin into the mold, but only to fill up half of the mold.

Let the resin gel for about one hour. Arrange the beads in the order they need to go into the resin…in this case, backwards and upside down.

Then place them in the gelled resin. Carefully lift up the mold and check the beads from the other side to make sure they read LUCKY in the correct way.

Then fill the top of the resin with sparkly green glitter. Now mix up a little more resin and fill the mold with clear resin. Then set it aside and let it dry and cure overnight.

The next day, pop the resin out of the mold. It looks sparkly and lucky!


Now it’s time to assemble the keychain. Use the E6000 glue to adhere the pendant bail on the backside of the resin and let it dry.

Then use the jewelry pliers to open the jump ring and slide the tassel, resin and keychain hardware on, then close the jump ring.

That’s it! Now you have a LUCKY keychain to keep you free of pinches on St. Paddy’s day…or hook on a bag as a zipper pull.

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