DIY: Gold Glitter Resin Brunch Tray

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DIY: Gold Glitter Resin Brunch Tray
I love serving trays--they are so cute and fun to eat off of.  This hot cocoa brunch tray is perfect for a cozy winter morning.  The gold glitter is sparkly and glistens in the lights of the Christmas tree...but unlike most glittered items, it's finish is as smooth as glass and not a flake of glitter gets anywhere.  That is my kind of glitter!
Or it works great as a desk organizer.  Just fill with a stash of cute tapes, scissors and clips.
Let's get started!
You will need:
A serving tray (mine is thrifted)
gold glitter
mod podge
ETI EnviroTex Lite high gloss resin
(mixing cups, heat gun and gloves for working with resin)
Mix one part glitter and one part mod podge together in a disposable plastic cup.  Stir them until the glitter is thoroughly combined.  Next, pour them onto the tray and tilt and tip the tray until the entire base is coated.  Let that dry for at least 4 hours...I just set it aside overnight.
Next day it looks amazing for sure!  It is gold and glittery...and the glitter wont fleck off everywhere, so, it's a win.  But let's make it a win-win and remove the gritty glitter texture.
I used just 8 oz of high gloss finish.  Follow the package directions and wear gloves when working with resin.
It is a one to one ratio and a 2 part mixing cycle.
After the mixing, pour right onto the tray.  Tilt and tip the tray so the high gloss resin coats the base of the tray.  Cover with a board to keep dust off.  After 20 minutes, remove the board and use a heat gun to remove any bubbles that have formed in the curing process.  Then replace the board and let it sit for 24 hours.
Now the tray is smooth like glass and shiny as can be!  It takes a school project up to a professional status.
Add some hot cocoa and a ton of marshmallows and you are go to go!  Did you know I super love hot chocolate?'s my preferred drink all winter long.
Add some yummy Mango Gummy Bears from Oriental Trading for another yummy treat!  This would make a great handmade gift too!
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