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My Little Pony Perler Bead Art!

   We love My Little Ponies!  See these shirts! Especially the Friendship is Magic episodes! Seriously, they are TOO cute!  So my daughter and I set to work making little ponies  out of Perler Beads or Melty beads as I call them!   Here are the main 6 stars of the show... I did the ponies and my daughter made each of their pets!  Pinkie Pie and Gummy Fluttershy and Angel Applejack and Winona Rainbow Dash and Tank Rarity and Opalescence Twilight Sparkle and Owloysius  (my daughter writes Owlwishes)  I took an old canvas...  And painted over the entire thing!  Hot glued them right in place!  I love the texture and the pixilated look!   It's hanging in my daughters room now! And, for fun, we created some custom ponies! Tropical Mist and her frog     Lucky Clover and her cardinal  Peachy Keen and her butterfly This was a fun project! It's nice to have a goal when playing w

My Little Pony Tee shirt!

 Thanks to my sister-in-law...we are My Little Pony nerds! We love MLP, the new Friendship is Magic episodes are sooo cute! Especially Pinkie Pie! (full name: Pinkamena Diane Pie)  My little Hailee is like Pinkie Pie to a tea! So we just had to upgrade this plain old dollar store shirt!  Take one shirt.  Yes, we found this at the dollar visible flaws! I made a solid silhouette of Pinkie Pie in can nick it here. Here's the process for getting an image to cut out on the silhouette! Drag your image into Silhouette Studio...  Use the 'Select Trace Area' tab and highlight your whole image... it will then appear outlined in yellow.    Then adjust the high pass filter, threshold and scale... so that the entire image is yellow...but not the background.  Then select the 'Trace Outer Edge' button, should give you  red cut out lines all around your image! You can then drag your shadow image over and

Patriotic Bandana Tablecloth

I know the 4th has come and gone! But I love Red, White and Blue all month! I made this July 1st, and we've been using it all month! Tons of bandanas...I got them all plus 6 more  at a yard in package for $2. And I only used half of these for the tablecloth! stitched together...I didn't do a great lining up job though-- bandanas tend to not be entirely square. Looks better with icy drinks on it anyway! Linking up to THESE parties this week!

Hand painted birds on a branch!

 Birds on a branch are pretty cool these days... but since I'm not, I had the kids do their own version. To begin, we had big paper, hands and paint...and a paintbrush. The kids wanted a blue jay and a cardinal.  or 2...  Yes, this was messy...but I helped them one at  a time and then we quickly washed off. The minor clean-ups were done with baby wipes.  Using fingers and thumbs they made eyes... and a paintbrush for the beak and feet...  Then painted in some branches where the birds are sitting...    Thumb and finger prints for the leaves...  Super cute!  We sprayed a little glitter paint on them and let them dry in the sun! Linking up to THESE parties this week!