Unicorn Painted Rock with Felt Flowers around Glittered Resin Horn

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Unicorn Painted Rock with Felt Flowers around Glittered Resin Horn

Unicorns are magical and wonderful!  They are still totally trending and make a great party theme!  Paint a cute Unicorn rock magnet, perfect for hanging up cheerful works of art on the fridge.  This cute unicorn rock is simple enough to make and takes just a few supplies.  Paint these cute rocks with a group of older kids--perfect for summer camp or party favors.
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Supplies Needed:

FastCast Urethane Casting Resin
Unicorn Horn Mold
Glitterific Paint
Smooth Rock
White, Black and Pink Acrylic Paint
Hot glue/gun
Mix the FastCast according to package directions.
Pour the FastCast into the Unicorn Horn mold...just needs a little bit of resin.
The FastCast sets in less than 15 minutes.
Pick a smooth, round rock and paint the entire thing white.
Paint the horn with the glitterific paint.
Use a small paintbrush to paint two upside down "U" shape eyes.
Add some curvy eyelashes.
Paint on some rosy cheeks in pink.  Then spray the rock with a clear gloss finish.
Cutest little face, right!?
Then use hot glue to adhere the horn onto the head of the unicorn.
Cut some white felt in ear shapes...and some colorful spirals for flowers.
Roll the spirals to make darling little rosettes.
Add leaves and hot glue the cluster of flowers together to form a mini crown.
Cut a felt circle for the backside of the rock too.  Then hot glue the ears on the rock.  Then hot glue the flowers under the horn...and the felt on the back of the rock.  Finish by gluing a magnet on the back of the rock.
That's it!  Totally Adorable!
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