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Moving Again!

This post brought to you by CLR. All opinions are 100% mine.
 This is what my life looked like exactly a year ago...
thanks to my sis-in-law for helping me get it all packed tight!
And quite frankly what it looks like now!
My husband is finishing up his training here and we are off
 to start a new chapter in a different state!
The thing is, I don't despise moving.
I like to re-inventory what I hoard and de-junk...
or find stuff that has been missing for years--I know there is a lego
 guy hand behind my tall desk and it will be found very soon!
(thank the {then} 3 year old for that one)
The worst part about moving for me,
isn't camping out for weeks...
traveling across the country...constant backaches from
 lifting way more than I should...
having yard sales...staying in cheap hotels...
or the inevitable casualties of those 
"things that didn't make the move"!
Know what it is?
It's the cleaning.
Cleaning and cleaning and deep cleaning.
Things that I don't keep clean...like baseboards and the oven.
My mother in law is the Queen of Clean.
I love her for that.  When we lived close she would ask
 if she could come over and help me out by cleaning my kitchen!  
Yes please!  I loved those days of talking to her while she 
cleaned and I did something baby related.
Alas now, I am across the country from her and am
 dreading the cleaning phase.
 photo Jelmar|WeCleanMoreThanYouThink-Home_zpsc4d6b490.jpg
Lucky for me there are products like
that do most of the work for me...
So I can be more efficient with my time and
 not spend all day on the same task!
  CLR is
-Fast acting and powerful
- Cleans quickly and effectively
- Makes short work of stubborn dirt, calcium, 
lime, hard water stains and soap scum
- Has the Environmental Protection Agency’s “DfE”
 Design for the Environment”, meaning it's safer to everyone in your home.
I'm looking forward to spraying down the tub and 
everything in the kitchen
and not having to scrub all day to get it sparkling!
You can find out more by
following CLR on Twitter @clrcleaners!
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Applying Vinyl Decal Sticker to stuff...

Sometimes I assume that people know how to do everything
 I know how to do...and I don't usually go over basics.
So if you don't know how to apply vinyl, this is for you.
If you do, let me know if you have tips you'd recommend.

If you are applying decal to a car...
clean the surface off with rubbing alcohol.

Start with your vinyl decal
Peel off the vinyl backing paper

Position sticker where you want it...
Rub with a credit card...or library card
Be sure to rub the edges and corners well.

Gently pull back the transfer paper.
peel it back over the sticker...rather than pulling up.

Check corners and small pieces while you peel back,
rub with card again if necessary...


Same technique with applying vinyl to wood, walls or other surfaces...

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Happy Dr. Seuss Day!

Dr. Seuss is my favorite children book author!
I love that good values and morals are taught through
silly words and funny animals!

Since Dr. Seuss' birthday is March 2nd, Saturday
 it's time to plan some fun activities!

 Start with the essential "Green Eggs and Ham" for Breakfast!
Or have some Butter Battle Book Homemade butter!
Here's how to make it:

You need a jar with lid (I use a mason jar)
1 marble
Heavy Whipping Cream

Pour cream in jar
It should be 1/2 full.

drop in the marble
Screw lid on tight

Let kids shake that jar...about 20 minutes until it's
 hard to hear the marble moving around.
Actually...I read "The Butter Battle Book" to my kids while they
 took turns shaking up our jar of cream.
When the book was over, the butter was ready!

Then open it and spread the creamy butter on some toast...
--Butter side up or down?
Yummy!  (you can add salt, but we like it just like this)

Maybe you'll want to get dressed up special...

Cindy Lou Who Hairdo from How the Grinch Stole Christmas

And teacup headbands

Here's some crafty activity ideas!

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish!

Make an easy magnetic fishing set!

And of course...read some books!

 Finish it off with some Cat in the Hat
Hat Stacks!
(my weak attempt at cleverly rhyming!)
 Open an oreo or ten.
We opened extras and used the cream from the oreos
 to layer between the gummy lifesavers.
Hence making the red and white striped hat!
Have a great Dr Seuss Day!

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Double Bladed Lightsabers!

Pool Noodle Lightsabers!

We used some pvc pipe that we got free...spray painted the center area black
Cut these noodles in half...and shoved them on the pvc.

Perfect lightsaber duels all year long!
Complete with Star Wars costumes!

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A Little Aqua Door!

I got this cool antiquesque door knob thing from my sister-in-law.
And I tried to think of something cool to do with it...I have 2 more too!

I had some old fence boards and old cabinet frames...both scrounged.
Aqua paint!  Yes, I bought more on the clearance rack!

I used petroleum jelly to distress the frame.

Cut and added the distressed boards...
Used e6000 to glue on the knob!
Perfect!  It's not quite a "fairy" door...but maybe a hobbit door, but not round...

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