Rainbow Acrylic Paint Dirty Pour on Canvas DIY Tutorial

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Rainbow Acrylic Paint Dirty Pour on Canvas DIY Tutorial

Just like finding the mythical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, this paint pouring technique is gold!  Mix paint with a dash of magic and created a celled rainbow on a gorgeous blank canvas.  I love paint pouring!  The effects are so amazing and stunning.  This tutorial is great for beginners...this is my 3rd pour!  Get the supplies needed and get pouring!
Big beautiful cells form in various rainbow colors adding to the uniqueness of this piece.
Here's a video tutorial of the process:
Check back here for the supplies needed and get to work on your own work of art.

Supplies Needed: 

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8 Rainbow colors of Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
1 Round Serving Tray (12") or 1 12x12 Stretched Canvas or MDF Board coated in gesso or Kilz latex primer
Floetrol (pouring agent)
Treadmill Silicone Lubricant (to create cells)
8 small disposable plastic cups, stirring sticks, disposable work surface 
1 large plastic cup
High Gloss Resin
Fill each cup with 2/3's of Floetrol and a daub of paint in rainbow colors in each cup.  Fill a large cup with Floetrol and white paint.
Use a stirring stick to stir in all the colors evenly.  Then add 2 drops of silicone lubricant in each cup.  Stir in thoroughly.  Check the consistency...it should drip like warm honey.  If it's too thick add a couple drops of water at a time.
Place a prepped canvas on top of a cup over a plastic bag or disposable surface.  I used a board canvas and as it dried it warped a little...used solid wood boards or stretched canvas.

Pour a bunch of white paint on the canvas.
Spread the paint around with a brush or putty knife.
Pour colored paint in a large plastic cup in a bullseye pattern.  I went right in rainbow order, beginning with red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple and pink.
Slice a stirring stick through the center of the bullseye in an X shape, that's it.
Take a deep breath and think happy thoughts.
Then pour the paint out on the canvas.  I used a diagonal motion from the bottom corner to the top corner.  I love the ribbon-like effect.  Then lift the canvas with your hands and tip and tilt the canvas to move the paint around.
Add more white on the corners is needed.  I love how it turned out!  The vibrant colors and bubbly cells are perfection.
And that little rainbow squiggle is my favorite!
Now the hard part.  Let it dry overnight and to the touch.  Then place it on a shelf, in a box, out of the way...and let it cure for 3 weeks.  The slower it dries the better...if white paint dries too quickly, it has the possibility of cracking.  Don't heat it up...just set it aside and forget it for a while.
After curing the paint is dull and matte.  It needs a wonderful coating of resin or varnish.  Finish it off with a high gloss effect to bring back the vibrancy of the paint colors.
Let the resin or varnish dry completely.
Then frame, mount or hang on a wall!  This is the gold at the end of the rainbow!  This is definitely a piece you can do too!
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Using shades of blue paint to pour swirls and cells on a round bamboo serving tray, coated in high gloss resin.

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