Resin Pine Needle Coasters Christmas in July

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Resin Pine Needle Coasters Christmas in July 

I love thinking of Christmas during July. It gives me a chance to do some projects without the bustle of the holiday season. Here's a great way to preserve your Christmas tree to enjoy year after year. 

Pine needle coasters are easy to make with EasyCast Resin and a small branch from your Christmas tree. Make a resin coaster each year to memorialize your holidays spent together. Make some of these coasters now...or save this idea for the holidays!

Resin Pine Needle Coasters made from real Christmas tree, great for married couples and families to remember each year.

In all honesty, my husband and I have never had a live Christmas tree. This year will be our 19th Christmas together and no, never had a live tree. I’m okay with that. I like to work on handmade gifts, and they almost always involve pine–so I still get that delightful Christmas tree smell…in saw dust form. 

I diffuse my home with pine to make it smell amazing…but our tree has always been a fake. This craft is perfect if you get live trees each year. I’m showcasing coasters, but go ahead and add a hole, tie a string and hang it as a Christmas tree ornament. It would be fun to see the differences year after year.

Resin Pine Needle Coasters made from real Christmas tree, great for married couples and families to remember each year.


2 Mixing cups, 2 stirring sticks, disposable gloves and work surface
Pine Needles
Nail File

Supplies needed for Christmas tree pine needle coasters


Begin by reading the directions carefully for the resin. Mixing resin is simple, but needs to be done exactly for the chemical reaction to take place. It is mixed in a 2 phase process. 

1 part of the resin and 1 part of the hardener, mixed for 2 minutes. Then transfer into a second mixing cup and use a second stick to mix for another full minute. This ensures complete mixing.

how to properly mix resin with 1 to 1 ratio.

Then pour the resin into the silicone molds. I just filled up 2 of the cavities and used about 6 ounces of mixed resin, 3 ounces for each coaster.

making coasters out of resin


Next, wait about 20 minutes, then use a small heat gun to pop any of the bubbles that have formed and come to the surface.

Use an embossing heat gun to pop bubbles in resin

Gently blow heat or use a torch to pop the bubbles on the surface. Do not apply heat to one spot for too long. Just work quickly and pop the bubbles.
Then the resin will be clear and free from bubbles.

resin coasters made in silicone mold


Then add the pine needles right on the surface of the resin. No need to press them down, they will sink as they sit and become completely covered with resin.

Pine needles in resin


Add a good amount of pine needle pieces and then set the coaster mold aside to cure overnight.

Pine needles in resin coasters


The next day peel the resin coasters out of the mold, this part is highly satisfying. Check out the pine needle coasters! I love seeing how the needles settled in the resin to give texture and life to this fun coaster.

Use a nail file to lightly sand around the edges of the resin to make sure it is smooth and ready to sit on the coffee table without scratching it.

Make coasters to celebrate your live Christmas tree

Another fun idea would be to add the year of the tree the pine needles came from…using these plastic number beads. Now you can enjoy the texture and look of your pine tree year round! Or pack these away with the Christmas decorations and enjoy them again next year!

Resin coasters filled with Christmas tree pine needles


This is a great way to preserve those Christmas tree pine needles and enjoy some hot chocolate on a cold Winter morning...these would make a great gift or newly-wed idea!

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Resin Pine Needle Coasters made from real Christmas tree, great for married couples and families to remember each year.

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