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How to Paint a Front Door for Instant Curb Appeal!

Products for this project received from Plaid as one of their Plaid Creators. All opinions are mine.  How to Paint a Front Door for Instant Curb Appeal! So back in April, I asked some of my neighbors if I could paint their front door. I don't like babysitting kids, I'm not great at bringing meals to people...but I knew I could paint doors. This is the front door that got them all going. Over the next few months, I'll highlight some doors I painted and showcase the amazing befores and afters. Check out this before picture:  This door was obviously peach at some point (why people try to match their brick color is beyond me!) Then the door was painted brown. It had old paper stuck to it. There was a lot of chipped paint. Not only that, but there was cracks in the door that allowed daylight to shine through. Clearly the perfect candidate for a door makeover.  So, what color to pick when painting the door? Complimentary color families always work well. So if the house

Mandalorian Baby Yoda Birthday Party DIY!

Mandalorian Baby Yoda Birthday Party DIY! DIY a Mandalorian and Baby Yoda themed birthday party! Nothing is more adorable than Baby Yoda and he needs to be celebrated! Season 2 of the Mandalorian comes out at the end of the month, so get ready for an epic party! If you are like me, you love the Mandalorian series on Disney Plus! Disney must not have expected the show to do as well as it did because there was no merchandise for it! I mean really, they had tons of merch for Return of Jafar...but nothing for Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian!?   There's a few things out there now, but let me show you how to DIY it! Celebrate a birthday with a Baby Yoda themed party! This cute party is easy to set up and DIY to add fun Mandalorian themed elements that aren't available in stores.  Get the SVG for Baby Yoda on my Etsy page. Set up the party with these supplies: Baby Yoda Stand Up DIY Gold Tassel Garland (I use this in nearly every party I throw) Letter

Cinch Notebooks Made with Cereal Boxes!

Cinch Notebooks Made with Cereal Boxes! I love crafts that use things that are on their way out to the recycling bin or trash...and I can upcycle them for a fun craft. Take some old cereal boxes and make the perfect notebooks using the Cinch binding tool.  These cute notebooks could be made with any cardboard box on their way to the recycling. Supplies Needed for Cereal Box Notebooks: Cinch Binding Tool (I scored on mine and found it at the thrift store for $15) Cereal Box (cut to 5X7) Paper (cut to 5X7) Cinch Binding Comb Here's a video using the Cinch machine and upcycled books: Using the Cinch is a breeze. Begin by hooking the comb on the side of the Cinch. Punch holes on the side of the paper. Use the chart guide on the Cinch to tell you which knobs to pull to punch the paper correctly. Then punch the additional holes after pulling the peg. Then hook the paper on the wire comb on the side. At the