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Teacup Fairy Garden!

 Teacup Fairy Garden! A tiny teacup fairy garden, because they are just so cute. This is a quick and easy craft for kids, tweens, teens and adults!  I received this adorable package of fairy garden fun in exchange for this tutorial! It comes with 55 pieces. They are all different size ratios, so the bunny is larger than the bench, etc. But they are cute and this is a great craft for kids I snipped some basil in the yard to give it some greenery. I also picked up some moss covered "rocks" at the dollar stored but didn't end up using them. Succulents and cactus would be cute as well. Fill a tea cup 3/4 full of small rocks...and a handful of potting soil on top. Then fill with all the cute fairy accessories until you are satisfied! Because teacups are small, they fill up fast! This is great because you can make Teacup Fairy Garden's with friends, at a birthday party or other activity! Not just for girls either...there is a cute little

Faux Calligraphy on Wood Slice!

Faux Calligraphy on Wood Slice! I got these fun brush markers in exchange for this post. Brush lettering is huge right now. It can be intimidating to just jump into Calligraphy.  A great place to start is with faux calligraphy. Using a dual brush marker is fun. The brush tip is great for actual brush lettering and the thin end is perfect for faux calligraphy. These tips fray fairly easily, so I only recommend them for faux calligraphy. And for doodling florals. So start with the thin tip and write in long, flowy cursive. (forgive the f that looks a little like a b) Practice in pencil if you feel more comfortable. Go slow and make the letters connect. Now, for the faux Calligraphy. Every place where you do a "down stroke", you are going to make that part thicker. So I used a pink marker to show you, slightly exaggerated, where the downstrokes are. Then fill them in with the thin tip of the marker. Big thick lines for the downstrokes and

Brush Calligraphy Paper Gift Bags!

 Brush Calligraphy Paper Gift Bags!  These are a quick DIY and are so fun to customize!  They are fun to decorate and design for any holiday, birthday or favor!  I received these fabulous white gift bags in exchange for this post! I got 110 of these bags! I will be set for life.  They are awesome!  They are the perfect size for gifts, holidays and favors! $34 for 110 bags...that makes them 31 cents each! They are a good weight of paper and it has a slight sheen. They are 8 by 10 inches. I love being able to decorate a bag perfect for the occasion. I don't want to have to stock a lot of happy birthday wrapping paper,  or Christmas, or this is the perfect solution. They are easy to decorate with markers but would be fun to rubber stamp, sticker, chalkboard or paint! They will likely make a showing at the next birthday party I throw as favor bags! Simple and fun! If you are interested in learning some modern brush lettering ch