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Waterbrush Ombre Calligraphy and Lettering!

 Waterbrush Ombre Calligraphy and Lettering!
This is one of my most favorite techniques!
Create gorgeous works of art for display, cards or just to stick on the fridge.
I used Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Ink pack...and I got it from Oriental Trading.
Did you know they carry high quality art supplies?

 You will also need:

Watercolor Paper

Water Brush

Plastic Palette

And you'll need a mantra or something fun to write out.
I generally stick to 3-5 words...it just looks better on the paper and
doesn't take as long to write.
Remember, you can do hard things!
I start, pour a few drops of each ink into the palette.
Fill the water brush with water.
It does not need to be squeezed, but it adds a subtle amount of water to your ink
and makes it write smoothly.  These brushes are a dream for watercoloring!
Just dip tip in the ink, write part of the letter, blot if necessary
and dip in the next color.
When you paint with the next color, let it overlap the last color just a bit.
This will help it blend and create the cool ombre finish!
Here's a video, slightly sped up.
It shows you process and hopefully will give you courage to do your own!
Did you know I started seriously lettering and calligraphy only 1 year ago.
I love to see how much I've improved!
Start your lettering journey today!

Perfect for a framed piece of inspiration!
(if you are framing your work, don't forget to leave a margin around each edge)

This technique also works with pointed pen!
You will need an oblique holder, nib and paintbrush, as well as the palette and ink.
Use the paintbrush to paint some ink on the underside of the nib.
It's easy to put too much ink in there, so turn it over and let
 it drip back in the palette before using.
Same technique as the top.
I wipe off the nib and re-ink because otherwise some colors blend too much...and some
blended colors turn to mud.
Here's a sped up video of this process.
My hand is slightly in the way, and it is hard to see the details.
But this should give you the idea.

Hello Beautiful!
The ink dries pretty true to color...not faded like watercolors do, so that is a benefit!
Experiment with the inks and see what you can create!
I love to see the dramatic difference between the thick
downstrokes and the thin hair line upstrokes.

Here's some more posts on Calligraphy and Watercoloring!

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St. Patrick's Day Charm Necklace!

 St. Patrick's Day Charm Necklace!
 I love this fun necklace filled with all sorts of "don't pinch me" charms!
 I got my materials from Oriental Trading,
They have everything you need for parties, holidays, weddings, crafts, novelty toys,
kids, religious, and high quality art supplies!
You will need:

Silver chain
Lucky Clover and Wish Charms
Jewelry pliers
jump rings
Green crystal beads
Vintage Shamrock charms

Just use the jump rings and put charms all over as much of the necklace as you like!
I did the tassel in the center because it is the heaviest and will likely shift that way anyway.
Then filled in with different charms and beads.
Slide a crystal bead or 2 on the rhinestone eyepin.  Cut it with the pliers and
then curl the remaining part of the eyepin to make a loop for hanging on the chain.
Not too tricky!
I love it and it's perfect for anytime of year, but especially now!

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Doctor Who Birthday Party

Doctor Who Birthday Party!
It is time for a big Dr. Who Party!
I had a super fun Doctor Who party for my birthday last month!
I got some fun things from Oriental Trading!
They have lots of fun British themed items!
I got these cool paper lanterns and 5 pounds of gummy bears (jelly babies)
Plus Red, White and Blue rock candy, candy sticks and blue chocolate balls!
There's lots of great bulk candy at Oriental Trading.
Plus I used the Fourth Doctor's scarf as a table runner!
Here's some other things I used:

Cinema Light Box

Tardis String Lights

Tardis Cookie Jar

Lots of stars, bowties and little adipose baby pops!
I used lots of fun stuff that I had from previous parties!
We had lunch.
We had sandwiches and sushi!
And the fish fingers and custard were a hit!
I did this in a party a couple years ago and used sugar cookies.
This time, I used actual fish sticks--and vanilla pudding!
It's really a good combination!
I wanted sushi so bad after watching "The Return of Doctor Mysterio"...
 the most recent Christmas special.  Did you see that one?
He's eavesdropping and eating sushi.
He says "Ya, I brought snacks"
We tried to incorporate past doctors too!
With the Bowties are cool and the adipose baby pops!
We made a layered cake and had lots of blue candy!
It was a big success and looked so cute!
This Hairpin Leg Table has been perfect for parties!
It's the perfect size for candy and snacks...and it was easy to make!
It's also lightweight and easy to move where we need it!
With a fun Timey Wimey cake topper!
And yes, I am 36!
Super fun party!
Check out lots of more fun Doctor Who crafts and party ideas!

Tardis Blue Envelopes with lots of stamps!

Sonic Screwdriver Craft
(looks a bit like lightsabers)

Denim Wow Bag!

Bill Cosplay
the Doctor's new companion!

And here's a bunch more!

Doctor Who!


Blue Sandstone

Easy Bow

Tardis Tote

Mix up Shirt


Light Switch

Mini Party

Galaxy Freebie

Tardis Dress

Impossible things

Clara Hair Chain

Gold Foil

2 Heart Tie Dye

Build a Bear

Galaxy Art

Floating Charms

Cookie Cutter


Shabby Bow

Pandorica Opens

92 Crafts!


WC Tardis

Signet Ring

Mini Book

Pop up Tardis

Scarf Earrings


Bean Bag

? Umbrella

Tardis Charm

No More

Book Cover


Floor Mat


73 DW Crafts

Galaxy Dress

Union Jack Charm

Pixel Bows

Dalek Nightlight

Doctor’s Name


Collar Necklace

Union Jack Nails


I’m the Doctor

Tardis Terrarium

Tardis Planter

Sonic Display


Boutique Bows

Bowtie Necklace

Tardis Shoes

Crochet Hooks

Doctor Who Tree


Good Better Best


Tardis Necklace

Bad Wolf

Sonic Earrings

Bowtie Wreath

Shrink Necklace

Magnet Bowtie

Doctor Who gift

Party Food

Party Games




Painted Heels


3D Glasses

Heart Heart


Tardis Blue

Holiday Cards

Dr Who Week

Tardis Stamp

Dalek Stamp


Blue Box

Hello Sweetie

Don't Blink


Wood Sign


Keep Calm

Timey Wimey

Tardis Damask

Judoon Shirt

Dalek Skirt

Baby Fat

Something Blue


Tardis Journal


Tardis Key

Psychic Paper

Gift Bags

Adipose Pops

Party Planner





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