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How to Make a Paper Envelope DIY with We R Memory Keepers Punch Board

How to Make a Paper Envelope DIY with We R Memory Keepers Punch Board Learn how to make a custom envelope any size you need using the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board. I love sending snail mail with handmade envelopes, calligraphy and simple embellishments. Making envelopes is another fun paper craft I love, but it's never been easier than this tutorial. Making handmade envelopes is easy to do with a ruler as well, if you don't have a punch board- -check out this post. But if you are making envelopes in bulk, smaller--or more specific sizes, then it's worth it to get the envelope punch board. It makes envelope making such a breeze! Supplies needed for Handmade Envelopes: Paper  (regular copy paper, old magazine pages, old cereal boxes, cardstock, scrapbook paper...) We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board My punch board is from Stampin' Up, I bought it years ago.  We R Memory Keepers makes it .  This punch board makes envelope making a breeze--check

Cactus Faux Leather Tote Bag with Cricut!

Cactus Faux Leather Tote Bag with Cricut! Make the cutest cactus tote with shimmery foil to shine like a disco ball! This is also a wonderful way to use scraps of iron-on vinyl--so bust out the scrap box and get polka dotting a tote beofre the new year! It's easy to make with one simple image cut multiple times.  Best part is that Iron-on Vinyl adheres perfectly to faux leather, and it couldn't be more easy! Learn how to make a polka dot cactus faux leather tote using Cricut! Get creative with your polka dot tote and use whatever image you love! I love how the shiny green foil cactus look on this faux leather. Faux leather totes are everywhere--I bet you can pick some up at the local thrift store and get to work on this project today! Supplies Needed for Cactus Faux Leather Tote: Cricut Machines Cricut Foil Iron-On Cricut EasyPress 2 9x9 Cricut Iron on Protective sheet or Teflon This cactus image on Cricut Design Space Faux Leather Tote Bag Cricut EasyPress Mat Step 1: I

Frozen Inpsired Party with Blue Silver Snowflakes

Frozen Inpsired Party with Blue Silver Snowflakes! Frozen inspired party--or snowflake decorations to keep up for the rest of Winter! This Frozen inspired party is a fantastic balance between a child-like ice princess party and a grown up Winter Wonderland!  Whether it's a Frozen birthday party or just a fun Winter themed party, this party will keep giving all Winter long.           I love snowflakes in silver and blue! I was born in January so I love all shades of blue and shimmery silver. The iridescent sparkle of a snowflake is perfect for all Winter least until the Valentine decorations come up. I got a lot of these decorations from Oriental Trading for other posts I worked on with them...this is just a fun way of using my supplies again!          When I was little, I used to cut snowflakes out of scrap paper at the kitchen table for hours at a time. My mom was so fun and supportive...and hung them up with clear tape all over the front and back windows. I

How to Make a Reverse Sequin Pillow with HTVRONT Auto Heat Press!

How to Make a Reverse Sequin Pillow with HTVRONT Auto Heat Press! See how easy it is to make a reversible sequin pillow using sublimation printing and the  HTVRONT Auto Heat Press ! I love personalized gifts, so sublimation is my current favorite. I love taking photographs, handwriting, art or other memories and infusing them into sublimation blanks.  This is my first go at a reversible sequin pillow and I love it! I made this pillow for my sister. It's a fun picture from their engagement shoot, and it's the perfect surprise picture to reveal by reversing the sequins. The star of the show of this project is my new  HTVRONT Auto Heat Press  machine! I received this machine in exchange for this post and my honest review.  I'm also an  HTVRONT  affiliate, so sales will give me a small commission. Thank you!😘  My Christmas gift came early this year and I've had about a week to try out this machine. Let me just say it's made my handmade gift making much easier! Here'