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Upcycled Soda Bottle Pencil Case!

Upcycled Soda Bottle Zippered Pencil Case! Make a statement with this fabulous Zippered pencil case... made from recycled soda/water bottles! You will need the bottoms of 2 soda bottles...same size. Cut them at desired height and wash thoroughly. I cut my tall one at 4" and the short is 2 1/4" Best way to do it...cut the bottle way higher than desired height.   Once it is cut all around, it's easier to be precise with the measurement. You'll need a colored zipper. Measure the zipper to fit around the circumference of the bottle. Cut off the "stopper" end of the zipper to length. Use hot glue and secure some felt on the end of the zipper. This will keep the zipper from coming off the rails completely, and it helps make the head of the zipper look'll see. Using Hot glue, just glue that zipper right around the bottle. Not too close to the zipper track, because the zipper head needs space to wor

Cute Pencils and Stationary!

We spruced up some pencils and stationary with some masking stickers!  I got these from Wholeport and they are under 3 bucks. They are just like washi tape, but in sticker form... they come in a huge pack of darling patterns!  My daughter just wrapped them around pencils  and borders on paper and envelopes! Simple and cute!  These would be a fun teacher gift too! Linking up to THESE parties this week!

Ribbon Cake Stand!

 I adore cake stands .  And Cheesecake.  And once, I had this darling yellow ribbon weaving plate that I turned into a cake stand and used it for all sorts of adorable cakes  topped with fudge...and then, it broke when we moved across the country.   The ONLY casualty of the move...sniff, sniff.  So, I was ever on the prowl for ribbon weaving plates. I found one at goodwill!  Yay.  For $2 it's a good start. I took out the ribbon that was much too thin...  And replaced it with polka dots--and the wider ribbon works much better!  Then I turned the plate over and marked the center with a sharpie. I basically eye-balled it...with a little ruler checking. Then use some E6000 and glue the glass candlestick right to the center of the plate!  Let it dry overnight...and ta da!  Perfect for entertaining! Linking up to THESE parties this week!

Back to School Writing Fun with BIC®

This post brought to you by BIC® . All opinions are 100% mine. I'm kind of a pen snob. So when BIC® asked me to try out their new BIC Atlantis® Pens, I could not resist! I love trying new pens...I love writing and doodling...I'm totally a note taker! I loved drawing all over my notes and worksheets...and even in high school I was  nicknamed Doodle by several teachers. (See where the Doodlecraft came from?)  BIC Atlantis® pens are terrific--I would very likely throw a few packs  of these in the cart with all the other back to school supplies I love to hoard. I love the feel and they write very skips or clumps! I was able to write incredibly small and still have it look great! I stashed a few in my purse...    I love the colored pens too...especially that Aqua blue! Perfect for labeling and color coding...  I print out a simple calendar each month to keep track of goings on... and it never occurred to me to color code it unti

Interchangeable Lego Minifig Hairclip!

Make an awesome and truly nerdy Interchangeable Lego Minifig Hairclip!  Yes, with Slave 1 in your hair, you will truly be the envy of your friends. Here's what ya do: Get a barrette.  Get a Lego piece...a flat 2 by 1 plate. Use E6000 glue to glue the Lego right to the barrette. (measure the distance with a minifig, so you know where to place it)  Then you can take any minifig or starship and click it into those 2 bumps... is there Lego lingo for those things? Okay, I brushed up on my Lego terminology and discovered...they are studs! okay awesome. Anything that can fit into a 2 stud slot is good to go for your barrette!  Then you can change it out depending on your mood!  Maybe Harry Potter...  Or our custom made Doctor Who...  Or Spiderman...does he actually have a cape? Endless possibilities for severe awesomeness!  :) And it will go great with some Lego Earrings! Linking up to THESE parties this week!