Resin Crafts: Unicorn Ring Dish DIY

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This sponsored craft posted previously on Resin Crafts BlogMake a magical sleepy unicorn ring and jewelry dish for storage or a handmade gift

Unicorn Ring Dish DIY made with Resin

Unicorns are the best!  They are magical, supportive, majestic and great for organizing jewelry.  Haha, but this jewelry holder is adorable and easy to make...there's time to put one together for a special custom handmade gift.
You will need:
Easy Sculpt Clay
White, Pink and Black Paint
Gold Spray Paint
Resin Gloss Spray
Cling Wrap
Small Kitchen Bowl
E6000 Glue
Gold Liquid Gilding
Disposable gloves
Non stick mat
Cover the underside of the bowl with cling wrap.
Read the Easy Sculpt directions.
Then mix one part of each jar together.
Until smooth and's super sticky, so wear gloves!
Place the clay in a smooth 1/4 inch sheet over the back of the bowl and cling wrap.  Also use some clay to form a unicorn horn for rings to slide down.
Let the clay dry about 4 hours.  Then peel it off the cling wrap and use scissors to trim around the dish.  Then let the clay cure overnight.
Next, the painting!

Paint the inside of the dish white.
Then use the liquid leaf and paint around the edge in shiny gold.

Spray paint the unicorn horn, let it dry and then glue it in the dish with E6000.

After the E6000 dries for at least 4 hours, it's time to paint the face.

U shape eye lids.
With a couple of eyelashes on each one.
And rosy pink circle cheeks.  Then take it outside and spray with resin spray.
It's glossy and adorable!  Let it dry and it's ready to gift, use or store jewelry!  A perfect catch all on the bedstand, vanity or even by the kitchen sink.
This angelic sleepy unicorn is perfect for rings, necklaces and bracelets.
Even cuter with added bling!
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