Gold Leaf Necklaces with Resin Jewelry Clay

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Gold Leaf Necklaces with Resin Jewelry Clay

Have you given resin crafting a try yet? There are so many types of resin. These gorgeous necklaces are made using a resin-based jewelry clay. Make a stunning necklace using Jewelry Clay with gold and silver leafing.

This post was live on Resin Crafts Blog previously as part of their design team.


Disposable Gloves
Pendant Bezels & Chains
Alcohol Ink (for color)
Hobby Knife
Rolling pin or Pen

Step 1: Mixing Resin Clay

Begin by opening the jewelry clay and read the directions carefully. Wear gloves.

Get the same size of piece from each tub.

Mix the clay together until there is no marbling remaining.

Step 2: Adding Color

Add a couple of drops of Alcohol Ink to add some color to the clay. Do not add too much or the clay will change chemically and won’t set up.

Mix the color into the clay, again, be sure you are wearing gloves. The resin clay can be quite sticky.

Step 3: Gold and Silver Leafing

Add silver and gold leaf to the top of the clay pressed on the work table.

Then use a loose paintbrush to remove the excess gold leaf.

Use a pen tube to roll the clay out a bit. Rolling the clay will change the look of the leafing and even out the thickness of the clay.

Then use a hobby knife to cut the shape of the bezel and set the resin clay inside the bezel. Trim the edges and press it in with your gloved fingers.

Repeat the process for each of the bezels. The small amount of clay I mixed up made 5 adorable pendants. I love how different they each look. I love the black pendant, it looks like a moon surface.

Set the bezels aside and let them dry and cure overnight. Then add chains to the pendants and they are ready to wear. I love the texture, shimmer and look of them!


This would be a great craft for summer camp or a girls night. A great resin craft for beginners to experts!

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