Steampunk Resin Pendants DIY!

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  Steampunk Resin Necklace Pendant DIY
I featured this at ETI-Resin Crafts Blog as part of their blogger creative team!  Resin is so fun to work with and so versatile!  You will love it!  I received all the resin for this project from ETI.  I got the other fun pieces at the craft store.  Resin can feel a little intimidating at first, but it is quite simple, I'll step you through it.  But first, let's talk about steampunk.
Are you familiar with Steampunk?
Steampunk is a Sci-Fi fan fiction genre that is "olden day futuristic".
It's like what people in the Victorian age thought the future would be like.
So it's full of Victorian themes; watch gears and cogs, aviation goggles,
Top hats, corsets, bronze age, steam power, machinery...
but not modern technology.  Awesome, right?
 Steampunk costumes and cosplay are extravagant and over the top!
Steampunk themed jewelry is so intricate and interesting!
It's easy to make yourself!
 You will need:
(everything available at major craft stores)
Antique style bezel
Watch parts 
Chain and 2 jump rings to match bezel
Jewelry pliers
White glue or Mod Podge
Scrapbook paper
 Start by picking the bezel of your choice 

and the watch parts that you like to go with it.

(all of these items are available in the jewelry section of your craft store)
  Start by cutting a piece of scrapbook paper the size of your bezel opening.
I used chrome embossed paper.
The embossed paper gives the piece an additional Steampunk element.
 Put a dot of white glue or mod podge on the bezel.
Paint it over the surface, then place the scrapbook paper on top.
 Paint more white glue over the top of the paper.
Then let it dry completely.
 Next, open your EnviroTex Jewelry Resin and read the instructions.
Reading the instructions each time is the best way to ensure a proper execution.
It comes with resin and hardener in separate bottles.
This is a 1:1 ratio.
It comes with 2 mixing containers as well.
  Start with the Resin.
Pour exactly to the desired line.
I filled to the first line.
  Then add the hardener, exactly the same amount.
I filled to the next tick line.
 Then use one stick and stir for 2 full minutes.
Then pour the contents into the other cup and stir another full minute with the other stick.
 Now it is ready.  It has about a 25 minutes usage period before it becomes to hard to use.
  Use the stick to drip out a little bit into the bezel.
I used the stick to spread around a thin layer of resin before adding gears.
  After applying a thin layer, place all the gears, cogs, and watch parts.
  Once they are in place, use the stick to drip more resin on the bezel. 
Right on top of the little watch pieces.
 The resin will create a doming effect, like when you fill a cup of water all 
the way to the brim and the surface tension holds it all in place.
 Then let it set up.  It is self de-gassing, so the air bubbles should pop by themselves after about 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes if there are still bubbles on the surface you can gently blow in a straw near the resin to pop them. Then let it set up overnight.
  Next add a length of chain hooked together with one jump ring.
Then attach the bezel to the chain with the other jump ring and the jewelry pliers.
It looks fancy and intricate!  Perfect for a Steampunk vibe!
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