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Cricut Projects for Homemade Gifts

Cricut Projects for Homemade Gifts A  Cricut Machine   makes it easy to add personal touches to homemade gifts. Homemade gifts are the pinnacle of the holidays for me.  I love giving things that have a homemade element or personalized touch. It just goes that extra mile to say "I thought of you enough to add my time into this gift".  Every year for Christmas, I make my kids give each other homemade gifts. It takes the focus away from the gifts they are excited to GET to the gifts they are excited to GIVE. It is a beautiful part of the holiday season that I just love. Get a  Cricut  for the holidays or get one early and make things for the holidays! Don't have a  Cricut Machine ?  Check out this post here for everything you need to know before buying a Cricut! If you are thinking about getting a Cricut but don't have one yet, check out this post on  Which Cricut Machine Should I Buy? If you have a machine but just need project inspiration, this is the place! I use my C

10 Cricut Money Making Ideas for the Holidays

10 Cricut Money Making Ideas for the Holidays Here's ten Cricut money making ideas for the holidays. Making money is the theme of the last quarter of the year, right? Maybe it's spending money...but I like to do both.  This is a great time of year to think you can make a little extra money on the side from home. Maybe finance a fun trip, lavish gifts or just scrape by for another month. It's not too late to get started making things to sell for the holidays.  I work with Cricut and they provide me products in exchange for tutorials and posts. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links included. Thank you so much for supporting me! Happy Holidays! Crafting can be the perfect side hustle for many it right for you? First off, if you are considering starting a Cricut buisness from home, read my full post on all my tips and tricks for getting started. This is the complete guide with all my secrets: How to Start a Cricut Business from Home Let's go ov