Lucky 4-Leaf Clover Shamrock Resin Keychain DIY!

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Lucky Clover Shamrock Resin Keychain DIY!

Make lucky and festive 4-leaf clover keychains with resin, perfect for St. Patricks day!  Hook them on a zipper, bag, coat or on keys for a little extra luck in your day.  Great way to preserve that little lucky keepsake...whether you find one yourself or order one online.
Have you ever found a real 4-leaf clover?  My daughter sat in the backyard at Grandma and Grandpa's house one summer evening when she was 4 and found a legit 4-leaf clover in a patch of grassy 3-leaf clovers!  It was a miracle to say the least.  I searched with my son for an hour afterward and not another single 4-leaf clover was to be found.  If you are fortunate enough to find a 4-leaf clover, you will have lots of luck, and need a way to preserve it!
Supplies Needed:
Four Leaf Clovers
EasyCast Resin
Resin Molds
Stirring Sticks, Mixing cups and Disposable Gloves/Worksurface
Ball Chain Keychains
Mix the resin according to the package directions.  It's important to measure precisely and mix for the right amount of time in order for the resin to cure properly.  Once mixed, pour a little bit of resin in the base of the pendant molds.
Let the resin set for 20 minutes then place a single 4-leaf clover in each pendant.

Let them set again for about 20 minutes, then mix up more resin and fill each mold to the top.
Let the resin set and cure for a couple of days.
Then pop them out of the molds.
Use the drill and bit to pilot a small hole in the top of each pendant.
Hook a jump ring through the hole with some jewelry pliers.
Then they can be strung on a necklace, made into earrings, or hooked to a ball chain for a keychain.
Wear it on your jacket to keep safe from pinches on St. Patrick's day!

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