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Feeling Crafty Iron-on Designs Tote Bag with Cricut EasyPress 2

 Feeling Crafty Iron-on Transfer Tote Bag with Cricut EasyPress 2  Crafting is this bag is perfection.  The best part, this tote bag takes less than 5 minutes to put together!  Fill the tote with on-the-go craft supplies and take the show on the road!  Supplies for this post were supplied by Cricut and Tote Bag Factory .  Affiliate links included.   You will need a tote bag of your favorite color...mine is blue!  Here's the link for this great bag, in a variety of colors.   This bag is sturdy and strong.  It is fully lined (in lime green) and has an inside zipper pocket.  I love the handles and the strong stitching. You will also need: Cricut EasyPress 2 Large Cricut EasyPress Mat Large Iron-On Designs Anna Griffin Feeling Crafty Colored Canvas Tote These iron on designs are perfection!  They are easy to press on the surface of your choice.  Heat up the EasyPress 2 to the recommended setting.   Place the tote on the EasyPress Mat. Warm up the tote a

Felt Fortune Cookies for Chinese New Year!

Felt Fortune Cookies for Chinese New Year! I love fortune cookies!  These colorful felt fortune cookies are easy to make and take less than 15 minutes.  They are perfect reusable play food toys.  Chinese New Year is Feb 5, so this is the perfect craft to ring in the new year!  Make a bunch of brightly colored fortune cookies for imaginative play, as a decoration, or string them up on a garland! This craft is part of Craft Lightning: Obsure Holidays! Chinese New Year isn't really an obscure holiday, but it's what I decided to celebrate today!  I like to celebrate any chance I get! Supplies Needed: 4" circles of colored felt 3" strips of twill tape or ribbon 3.5" of pipecleaner Hot Glue/Gun Use a big mug or plate that is 4 inches across and trace the circle onto the felt with a pencil. Cut the pipecleaner to fit inside each felt circle. Just like this picture below.  Cut the twill tape or ribbon to 3 inches. Squeeze a line of hot gl

Scrabble Tiles Family Name Framed Word Art DIY

 Scrabble Tiles Family Name Framed Word Art DIY Scrabble!  Do you like playing Scrabble?  I love this game, it's one of my favorites.  I love spelling and word games.  However, no one likes to play them with me--haha.  This is the solution! Make a custom piece to hang in your home or give as a gift.  Make one for grandma and grandpa with all the grandkid names.  Do your family names fit in a scrabble layout?  We did 3 sets of family names and were able to work out each family pretty quickly.  I don't have any hints on making it easier. Begin by sketching out on paper the best way to arrange the letters.  My cute friend bought a Scrabble game at the thrift store to make a family name piece for a friend.  Then she created one for her family.  The leftover pieces came to me...but there were not the letters I needed.  Easy fix! You will need: Scrabble Tiles Antique White and Territorial Beige Apple Barrel Paint Black Apple Barrel Paint Small Paintbrush Palette Fram