Unicorn Cake Topper cut with the Cricut Maker

Unicorn Cake Topper cut with the Cricut Maker Unicorns are magical and amazing--and they are everywhere!  Are you still loving the unicorn trend?  This unicorn cake topper takes a tropical twist and really is super simple to make.  This is a great way to celebrate a unicorn birthday party with little or no cake making skills.   This is a fun Unicorn themed party I did a few years ago...this cake would have been perfect for it. This cute Unicorn cake topper is made with paper and is the perfect finishing touch to a store bought cake or a stacked cake mix cake topped with sprinkles.  I'm not a baker...I don't make fancy cakes or food because it's too much work just to eat it.  However, I love making themed parties and finding shortcuts for the perfect effects.  This cake topper would look darling on the top of a store bought cheesecake, birthday cake or even donut stack! Unicorn Cake Topper Supplies Needed: Cardstock paper in white, mint, turquoise, lim

Unicorn Painted Rock with Felt Flowers around Glittered Resin Horn

Unicorn Painted Rock with Felt Flowers around Glittered Resin Horn Unicorns are magical and wonderful!  They are still totally trending and make a great party theme!  Paint a cute Unicorn rock magnet, perfect for hanging up cheerful works of art on the fridge.  This cute unicorn rock is simple enough to make and takes just a few supplies.  Paint these cute rocks with a group of older kids--perfect for summer camp or party favors. This post was live on the Resin Crafts blog previously as part of their blogger team. Affiliate links included. Supplies Needed: FastCast Urethane Casting Resin Unicorn Horn Mold Glitterific Paint Smooth Rock White, Black and Pink Acrylic Paint Paintbrushes Felt Hot glue/gun Magnet Mix the FastCast according to package directions. Pour the FastCast into the Unicorn Horn mold...just needs a little bit of resin. The FastCast sets in less than 15 minutes. Pick a smooth, round rock and paint the entire thing white. Paint the ho