Fallout Themed Crafts for Party, Decor, Craft Ideas!

HOW TO MAKE FALLOUT THEMED CRAFTS FOR PARTY, DECOR, CRAFT IDEAS! Attention vault dwellers--get your best friend and leave the fallout shelter! Head out the Vault door--It's time to grab your paint, glue gun, Mod Podge, tee shirts, and bottle caps for the best fallout-inspired craft spree! The BEST Fallout themed DIY's, parties, decor, and craft projects--to celebrate Amazon Prime's Fallout series (all episodes live now)...have you watched it yet? ⬇️​⬇️​⬇️​ FREE Printables at the end of the post! ⬇️​⬇️​⬇️​ The Fallout series has had a good turn being my favorite video game binge for the last few years. Primarily Fallout 4 and 76, haven't played New Vegas yet. I've loved video games since I was a little girl, (in the old olden days) playing Nintendo on a classic controller.  Contra was always a personal favorite...I loved punching in the konami code to get 30 was the only way to beat the game. Now I'm a PC version girl, and the latest version of Fallout

Fallout Fandom Recipes Cookbook: Video Game Food

Fallout Fandom Recipes Cookbook: Video Game Food My fellow Vault Dwellers, the Fallout Universe is full of unique and questionable foods! Recreating fictional food from Fallout in a real-life cooking experience is a flavorful fusion of gaming geekery and gastronomy. In the immersive world of Fallout, iconic dishes like squirrel on a stick and West Virginia pepperoni rolls satisfy the taste buds and hunger meter, becoming virtual symbols of post-apocalyptic sustenance. Turning pixels to plates, this culinary cookbook offers the fandom an opportunity to transform gaming nostalgia into tangible, delectable creations. Some of these are original recipes and not-so exotic ingredients for fandom foodies. Playing video games is something my entire family has in common, so cooking some of these foods together was a fun way to take a digital singular experience and make it a authentic real life experience. So far, I have 20 recipes and hope to add to it in the future! This was super fun for me