Mother's Day Heart Pop-Up Card DIY with Cricut Maker

Mother's Day Heart Pop-Up Card DIY with Cricut Maker Hi friends, I'm so excited about this amazing pop-up card DIY.  Have a Happy Mother's Day--and celebrate with this cute and simple card DIY. I designed this heart pop-up Mom card in Cricut Design Space™ so that you can make one for your mom in less than 15 minutes with a Cricut--it's perfection! Here's the Cricut Design Space Project  and the full step-by-step tutorial!      Pop-up cards are so much fun and a handmade card is a great gift. You expect traditional greeting cards and then there's a surprise inside! Paper crafts are my favorite and they are so much easier using a Cricut Maker, Cricut Joy, silhouette cameo or other Electronic Cutting Machine. The card template is designed with Cricut Design Space and the free pop up card pattern is available for personal use. Supplies Needed for Mother's day Pop-up Card: affiliate links Cricut Machine Cricut Scoring Wheel Cricut Brand Natalie

Best DIY Cottagecore Crafts (Cute Ideas for Decor)

Best DIY Cottagecore Crafts (Cute Ideas for Decor) Today's post is full of cottagecore style, homemade gift ideas, inspirational ideas, and a touch of thoughtfulness! Cottagecore is in the opinions of the individuals, but this list of cottagecore craft ideas should be able to spark your creativity too! It's a great way to get inspired and go with your favorite ideas! Cottagecore is an aesthetic and lifestyle trend that romanticizes rural life, particularly the idyllic image of quaint cottages nestled in the countryside.  It embraces themes of simplicity, nostalgia, and nature, evoking images of bucolic landscapes, traditional crafts, and wholesome activities. Cottagecore enthusiasts often seek to incorporate elements of this aesthetic into their daily lives through activities such as gardening, baking, crafting, and enjoying outdoor pursuits.  The aesthetic is characterized by its focus on natural materials, vintage clothing, floral patterns, and a sense of escapism from modern