Blue Ombre Spool Patio Table Upcycle!

Blue Ombre Spool Patio Table Upcycle! This spool table has a fun nautical vibe and it's perfect for sitting on the patio for lunch! This blue finish is not quite ombre, but has variegated blue tones for the perfect Summer-ocean inspired furniture upcycle. I love a great roadside rescue project! Here's how I did this blue ombre spool table! This amazing spool was acquired from a neighbor that was moving and needed to downside. Essentially it was on the curb with some other goods and it was too tempting to pass on. We set it on our side patio and there it patiently waited. My husband used the grinder and sanded down any places that were rough, including some staples poking through the spool top. He cut some logs with the chainsaw the perfect height for chairs. Then it was pretty much ready to sit at.  When I saw his great work, he said "I think it needs to be painted blue". He knows I love blue and he loves any opportunity to pull me into a projec

Ghostbuster Costumes Made with Cricut!

Ghostbuster Costumes Made with Cricut! Last year for Halloween my hubby and I dressed as Ghostbusters. There's a new Ghostbuster movie on the horizon, so this is the perfect time to create some Ghostbusting merch. Make a shirt...or DIY the entire costume. Can't wait for this reboot! This effective costume was super simple and put together in just a few minutes thanks to Cricut! My Cricut machine is worth its weight in gold, seriously...I love it. I work with Cricut, but will remain a loyal customer forever. Here's everything you need to know before buying a Cricut! This little ghostbuster logo is iconic and most likely has a copyright, so do not make these to sell. Whip one up for loyalty to the show and excitement for more merchandise. Make a killer cosplay to wear to the fandom convention. Let's get started! We got these tan jumpsuits when a local business was cleaning out their extra stock. They instantly said Ghostbusters and they worked per

Quick Stamped Handmade Cards DIY

Quick Stamped Handmade Cards DIY I have always love crafting, but handmade cards hold a place in my heart. I don't make them as much as I used to...and they are always much more simplified than my cards of the past. But I love making simple, quick cards. Plus, learn how to make your own envelopes- -perfect for cards this size! Make them match like stunning stationery! These handmade cards are easy to send through the mail, as they do not require any additional postage and do not need to be "hand canceled". Perfect for sending to a friend as a pick-me-up during this unusual year. Supplies Needed: Rubber Stamps and Ink or Floral Scrapbook Paper Black Folded Cards White Cardstock White Paper Liners Paper Cutter Tombow MONO Adhesive Start by designing your paper. Fill the paper with Rubber Stamped images...or save time by using a patterned scrapbook paper . Then cut the paper into quarters with a paper cutter. I love