How to Host a Tie Dye Shirt Party (Supplies & Ideas)

How to Host a Tie Dye Shirt Party (Supplies & Ideas) Tie Dye is the first signs of Summertime and a tie-dye party is the best way to celebrate! The bright colors and hippy look are perfect for Summer barbecue's, parades, Summer camp and Family reunions.  Learn everything you need to know about tie dying shirts so you are ready to host a fabulous tie dye event! Tulip Tie-Dye Kits: Tulip tie dye is the best dye!     It's one step process makes it so easy to use with the  wet technique ! Dyes are permanent and if applied properly, they wont fade in the wash! Tulip tie dye kit or individual  dye bottles are perfect for a family activity or full blown tie dye birthday party. I have only ever used  Tulip One Step Dyes  with 100% cotton shirts. If you use other products, they might not turn out the same. BRIEF HISTORY OF TIE DYE: Tie-dye, originating in ancient Asia, gained prominence in India as "Bandhani" around the 6th century. Trav

100 Cricut Projects to Sell to Make Money with Cricut

100 Cricut Projects to Sell to Make Money from Home--with the Cricut Maker! Let's talk about making money from home--I'm going to share everything I know in this blog post about working from home selling handmade goods! Everyone could use a little extra income--right?  I love that I have found ways to earn income from the comfort of raising my children and wearing pajamas. It's turned into a profitable business and I have the best time creating! I usually like to have a few avenues of income coming in...and this is one of my (and my craft room)'s favorites. Do you have a  Cricut Machine  yet?  Cricut Maker 3 is at the best price ever right now--but only until the end of the week--get it now! I love my  Cricut Maker 3  &  Cricut Maker , they are equally amazing, the  best Cricut machine  and definitely worth their weight in gold.  Apart from its value, I still like to have my  Cricut Machine  work for needs to pay rent for sitting on my desk and taking u