How to Make DIY Texture Modeling Paste (Easy Recipe)

How to Make DIY Texture Modeling Paste (Easy Recipe) Learn how easy and awesome it is to make your own modeling paste! Homemade texture paste is perfect for mixed media, stencil art and other fun papercrafting. There's a pretty good chance you have what you need for this diy modeling paste already! Let's get started. Textured art is totally in--and if you haven't given it a try--you need to! It's such a fun element to any craft, paper craft, wall art, painting or project to add lots of thick and creamy texture. It's commonly done with joint compound, but that typically cracks as it dries. Making your own texture paste is a good substitute for store bought texture paste and you can make so much more quantity with very little expense. Ingredients Needed for Homemade Modeling Paste: affiliate links 2 parts  Acrylic Paint (any color) 3 parts  Mod Podge (can also use Elmer's glue or white glue) 4 parts  Cornstarch (Avoid using Baby Powder if it is just Talcum Powd

How to Stencil a Doormat with Cricut & Freezer Paper

How to Stencil a Doormat with Cricut and Freezer Paper! Yes you can make stencils for a door mat using a Cricut Machine!  This fun tutorial will teach you how to stencil a front porch rug or doormat using Cricut and freezer paper.  Nothing is quite as fun and inviting on your front porch than a custom doormat. I originally posted this in September of 2020, but decided it needed a little updating, enjoy the pumpkins! Free image file at the end of this post This ambigram is clever, reading "come in" or "go away", depending on the side one is standing.  I was just going to put a "welcome" or a "hello" on the mat, but I asked my 12 year old son what he would like. He said he saw one online that was so cool because it could be read either direction.  So, I copied it. Just for him. He's so proud. You can use any SVG files or cut rile and make your own diy doormat. Supplies Needed for Stencil Doormat: affiliate links Cricut Maker 3 Bundle  (Cricut E