25 Magical Unicorn Crafts + DIY's!

25 Magical Unicorn Crafts + DIY's! Unicorns are the greatest!  They are magical and mythical--and oh, so cute!  Make all things Unicorns for birthday parties, accessories, gifts and more.  Using things that are recycled...Lego pieces...wearables, papercrafts and more.  Here's 26 awesome Unicorn craft ideas!  Scroll through this list of fabulous ideas, click the links to see the tutorial and making details...and leave me a comment telling me your favorite Unicorn craft! Unicorn Cake Topper Lego Unicorn Silk Flower Unicorn Wreath You won't believe what this closed eye is made of! Unicorn Headphones Unicorn Ring Dish How to Paint a Unicorn Rock Unicorn Planters Unicorn Iron On Hat Unicorn Horn Calligraphy Pens Unicorn Planter Unicorn and Lion Shirt Unicorn Popcorn Box Unicorn Coloring Page Framed  Unicorn Party Upcycled T-Shirt Unicorn Sleep Mask Unicorn Shirt Rainbow Cupcakes! Glass Etched Un

Unicorn Horn Animal Buttons with Googly Eyes DIY!

Unicorn Horn Animal Buttons with Googly Eyes DIY! Turn every animal into a Unicorn!  These cute animals make the cutest pin-back badges.  Llamicorn, Slothicorn, foxicorn, lionicorn, pandicorn, bunnicorn--or rabbicorn, puppycorn--or dogicorn, caticorn--or kitticorn...which is your favorite!?  During one Sunday at church I had this fun idea of making animals with unicorn horns.  I doodled on my ipad and worked out these cute animals.  I left the eyes off for the perfect googly eye addition. Supplies Needed:   Badge-a-Minit button maker    I bought a  Badge-a-Minit button maker  like 14 years ago and love it.  It's so fun for birthday party favors and youth activities.  It's a fantastic price for starting out.  It would make a great gift for tweens and teens to start a small business. Printer and Copy Paper Googly Eyes E6000 Glue Brushed Metals Gold Paint Paintbrush After doodling these cute animalicorns, I put them on my badge-a-minit template in photoshop.