Acrylic Dirty Pour Painting on Serving Tray with Resin DIY

Acrylic Dirty Pour Painting on Serving Tray with Resin DIY! Make a Dirty Pour Painting on a serving tray! This fun craft is perfect for all skill levels. Trust me, I'm a beginner. Have you seen the latest painting trend?  Acrylic pours are one of the most satisfying forms of art and creativity.  It's a surprise every pour!  You can't plan too much how it will turn's like cracking open a geode.   I have done a lot of research and will try to walk the very beginner through this process.  If you have questions, please email me and I will help you.  Many acrylic pours are done on canvas with the excess paint rolling off the edges.  By pouring this in the tray, we are expecting it to work out perfectly without excess paint. Here's some Paint Pouring Tips: * Do not rush * Mix more paint than needed * Do not over mix, scrape or tip * Get everything you need set up before beginning *Do not overwork the pour Supplies Needed:  (affilia

How to Make Felt Flower Holiday Decor

  How to Make Felt Flower Holiday Decor! Felt flowers are lush and rich, vibrant in color and fun to make! Learn how to make felt flowers for holiday or home decor.  The icing on the cake is the galvanized snowflake that gives it a perfect Winter touch. Perfect decor through the new year. Makes a great handmade gift too. Felt flowers can be used for hair clips, headbands, gift bows, a wreath or Christmas tree ornaments. Learn how to make these beautiful felt flowers and you'll want to put them everywhere! I love the thick felt texture, the shine of the galvanized metal snowflake and the natural look of the wood.  Make a bunch of these to hand out to neighbors, decorate the Christmas tree with or put on a shelf as the perfect seasonal decoration.  Supplies Needed for DIY Felt Flowers: Felt sheets in various colors Hot Glue/Gun Felt Balls in various colors Galvanized Snowflake Scissors Wire Needle and Thread Wood Box Frame Felt Flower #1: Step 1: Cut Felt Begin by cutting out 5-6 cir

Cricut Projects for Homemade Gifts

Cricut Projects for Homemade Gifts A  Cricut Machine   makes it easy to add personal touches to homemade gifts. Homemade gifts are the pinnacle of the holidays for me.  I love giving things that have a homemade element or personalized touch. It just goes that extra mile to say "I thought of you enough to add my time into this gift".  Every year for Christmas, I make my kids give each other homemade gifts. It takes the focus away from the gifts they are excited to GET to the gifts they are excited to GIVE. It is a beautiful part of the holiday season that I just love. Get a  Cricut  for the holidays or get one early and make things for the holidays! Don't have a  Cricut Machine ?  Check out this post here for everything you need to know before buying a Cricut! If you are thinking about getting a Cricut but don't have one yet, check out this post on  Which Cricut Machine Should I Buy? If you have a machine but just need project inspiration, this is the place! I use my C