DIY Command Center for Back To School with Plaid

This post is sponsored by Plaid . Ideas and opinions are mine. #craftingwithkids #workfromhome #learnathome #learningathome #creativelearning #kidscrafts #kidscrafts101 #createandeducate #backtoschool #backtoschool2020 DIY Command Center for Back To School with Plaid! What does back-to-school look like for you?  Remember last year??? It was such a different year with hybrid schedules, vast numbers of new homeschoolers, virtual schoolers and those trekking back to public school wearing masks and distancing.  One thing that is the same across the board--is the need for good organization. Make a DIY Command Center for all your back-to-school organizational needs using Plaid products . This fabulous command center is great for mother's needing to stay organized and on schedule.  It's great for students keeping track of their assignments and homework. Teachers can use it to keep on top of the topics of each day and store some extra masks.  How will you use yo

1990's "S" Shirt with Freezer paper + Fabric Paint!

1990's "S" Shirt with Freezer paper + Fabric Paint! Did you grow up in the 90's? If you did, you know this "S", right? I remember sitting outside at recess and drawing this on paper over and over...I must have snuck a notebook and pen out there with me. I love this S, especially now that my last name starts with an S! This shirt is the perfect conversation piece for everyone that recognizes it, let's make it now! In case you've forgotten, here's the steps for drawing out this S: Supplies Needed: T-Shirt Freezer Paper Cricut Maker 12x24 Cricut Mat Cricut EasyPress 2 Cricut EasyPress Mat Fabric Paint Stencil Paintbrush The S Right click to save off, personal use only please. Freezer paper is found at the grocery store near the wax paper. It has one glossy surface which is coated in wax, so it adheres to fabric when pressed and make the perfect stencil. Place some freezer paper on the mat with the glossy sid