How to do an Ocean Resin Pour on USA Cutout DIY

 How to do an Ocean Resin Pour on USA Cutout DIY I am obsessed with ocean resin pours.  Pouring out glossy colored resin to mimic the depth and waves of the ocean is so satisfying!  This piece of ocean resin art is perfect year round, but especially great for the patriotic holiday!     When I finished this I pictured it saying "from Sea to shining Sea" I did a little hand-lettering on my ipad. The funny thing is that I bought this wood cutout of the USA about 3 years ago at the thrift store for $2.  I knew I wanted it and would someday do something amazing with it...but it took until now! Supplies Needed: High Gloss Resin Folk Art Acrylic Paint in White, Navy, Turquoise, Teal and Mint Small Paper Cups Stirring sticks 2 large resin mixing cups Plastic table cover Something to prop the wood on (I'm using more resin mixing cups) Hair Blow Dryer Straw Disposable Gloves Step 1: Mix Resin Begin by mixing the resin accordi

Tie Dye Crafts for Summer!

Tie Dye Crafts for Summer! Tie Dye Shirt Instructions, Totes and Shoes too! Have you tried Tie Dying? I love it. There's something so fun and Summery about it. Some of my top 10 best posts are tie dye related! Tie dye is simple to do...and even doable with children! I've got tips and tricks on this post here.  It's fun to host parties and invite friends over to tie dye. Perfect craft for a Family Reunion too! Just get a bunch of 100% cotton shirts, a cookie cooling rack, a bucket of warm water...gloves and tie dye kit! Get started planning your Tie Dye event! 100% Cotton Shirts I love using Tulip's One Step Tie Dyes. These kits are perfect for beginners, no guess work involved! Which tie dye project is your favorite? Tulip One Step Tie Dye Party Kit Tulip Tie Dye 12 Bottle Kit American Tie Dye Shirts   Tie Dye Tote Bag Party Rainbow Tie Dye Shirt Tie Dye Galaxy Sh

Mermaid Scale Notebook DIY for MerMay

Mermaid Scale Notebook DIY for MerMay Happy MerMay! I can hardly believe that it's already May 2021...all of 2020 went by so slowly, but this year is cruising. Let's celebrate the month of May with this super mermaid scale notebook. I love the whimsical watercolor of this notebook with the cool colors and fuchsia. This color combo totally reminds me of mermaids! Supplies Needed for Mermaid Scale Notebook: 1/2 sheet of blue Cardstock 8 half sheets of copy paper Piece of Watercolor Paper Tombow Glue Pen Tombow Dual Brush Pens in 379, 407, 195, 676, 636 Tombow Water Brush Pen Tombow Permanent Adhesive Sewing Machine I used the  Tombow Dual Brush Pens  in 379, 407, 195, 676, 636 because they remind me of the Little Mermaid...that teal and purple combo. Pick any colors you love. Draw Mermaid Scales: Begin by using the Tombow Glue Pen and drawing scales on the watercolor paper. Start at the top of the page and work your way down to the