Car Play Mat Painted with Plaid Fabric Creations

This is a sponsored post by Plaid Crafts . All opinions are my own. Affiliate links included.  Car Play Mat Painted with Plaid Fabric Creations! This fun car play mat is the perfect handmade gift and easy to do with Plaid Fabric Creations paint. Do you have someone that loves cars and has a vivid imagination? This car play mat is the perfect gift. With just a couple of supplies and some drying time, you'll have the best gift in no time. Just add a few cars to get the recipient started and they'll do the rest with this painted car play mat. Paint your favorite places on your car play mat. The school, work, the store, etc. What fun and exotic places will you add to your car play mat?  Supplies Needed: Plaid Fabric Creations Paint (in various colors) Stencil Paintbrush Detail Paintbrush 24X30" White Duck Cloth (check for remnants at the craft store) Painters Tape Race Cars Sit back and watch the video, then you'll have all the confidence neede

876 Christmas Holiday Handmade Gift Ideas!

876 Christmas Holiday Handmade Gift Ideas!      The holidays are right around the corner, whether we are ready or not! This is such a fun time of year to think of others and make gifts. I would much rather make fun things for the holidays than just buy crap at the store or on Amazon...although I do that too. I love the thought that goes into creating handmade gifts...thinking about the recipient through the holiday season instead of impulse buying them something.       Every year I share all the handmade gifts I can think of so that you can be inspired to give handmade instead of store bought. There are crafts for all skill levels and all ages. Teaching children to give handmade gifts is amazing and can change how they feel about the holiday gift-giving tradition. Read this post here. 1  Colored Pencil Vase 2  Birthday Cards 3  Reflective Running Shirt 4  Gold Star Hat 5  Rustic Wood Slice Cupcake Stand 6  Hair Tool Caddy 7  Well Well Maleficent