How to Make Boondoggle Lanyard Keychains DIY Tutorial

How to Make Boondoggle Lanyard Keychains DIY Tutorial!   Boondoggle lanyards are synonymous with Summer! The plastic cord, the bright colors, the possibilities for bracelets boondoggle keychains. Learn how to make your own boondoggle keychains using plastic lacing cord for the perfect Summer craft! Oh my goodness you guys.  I love Boondoggle!   I was pretty involved in a little business venture around the age of 10 making keychains.   I would buy boondoggle lace at the store and sell it by the yard on the playground at elementary school.    I sold it by the yard so kids could make their own boondoggle keychains.  I can't remember selling actual finished product though, because the real fun is in the making them. Some people call these  boondoggle keychains scoubidou's, craft lace,  plastic cord, color lanyard string kit,  plastic weaving, scoobies, plastic lacing cord, gimps, gymps,  gimp string,  plastic lanyards,  plastic string  and more! What do you call them? I

How to Make Patriotic Stripes Tie Dye Shirt Tutorial!

How to Make Patriotic Stripes Tie Dye Shirt! Learn how to tie dye a cotton shirt into a patriotic striped shirt! Red, White and Blue are the colors of Summer--and Tie Dye is the craft of summertime!  This flag inspired shirt is great for Independence day--the fourth of July, family reunions, Summer camps, parades, backyard BBQ's and fireworks!  Summertime is the best time for all the  white blue red and  tie dye crafts! Great for wearing to the local parade, sports event, family party or at a fun firework show--or wearing on a trip to Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic, or anywhere that you want to show off your Americana pride. Make one for everyone in the family, invite over the neighbors, or friends for a fun tie dye party! This shirt is the perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July and the United States of America's independence day in style! Supplies Needed for Patriotic Tie Dye Shirt: affiliate links 100% cotton white T-Shirt, like Gildan Tulip One Step Tie Dye in B