EggMazing Striped Easter Eggs DIY!

EggMazing Striped Easter Eggs DIY! I love simple crafts, although I've never really been fond of decorating eggs, not quite sure why.  However, this is my new favorite way to decorate an egg.  The EggMazing spinner is simple to use and works like a charm.  Create stunning eggs in ombres, stripes, rainbows and more using the  EggMazing .     The  EggMazing  spins the egg at a steady pace and you just need to add marker to it.  The best part is that it's perfect for all ages!  My nearly 72 year old dad made a couple eggs, as did my nearly 5 year old great for any age that you would give a marker to. I'm not usually a fan of painting eggs. I love painting rocks, but for some reason, I just don't do well with eggs. Maybe because there's not a "top" side...they don't really sit on their own...or because I'm not patient. So I wasn't sure how much I'd like adding stripes to eggs. It's pretty simple decoration and I wond

How to Tie Dye Tote Bags!

  How to Tie Dye Tote Bags! Learn how fun and easy it is to tie dye tote bags! All you need is 100% cotton tote bags and Tulip Tie Dye Party Kit and you are ready to go! Inviting friends over to tie dye is a fun summer tradition for us...if you haven't had the chance, try it! Tie Dying is random and spontaneous!  It is so fun to see the reveal of how the project turns out. Supplies Needed for Tie Dye Tote Bags: Tulip One-Step Dye Party Kit 100% Cotton Bags (these are from Tote Bag Factory) Washable marker Zip ties Disposable work surface  Wire drying rack (thrift stores are perfect for this) Plastic grocery bags Basin of water Step 1: Prep Fill the Tulip One Step Tie Dye bottles according to the package directions.   I have only used Tulip One Step Tie Dyes, so I cannot vouch for any other dyes. Fill to the fill line and shake up the dye with the cap on. Cover the table with a disposable work surface.  Set the baking rack on the table.  Have gloves out and ready to go. Step 2: Get

Laser Cut Calligraphy Wood Sign with xTool M1

How to Laser Cut Calligraphy Wood Sign with xTool M1 Make the perfect wood sign or holiday decor with your own calligraphy or hand lettering! Watch how easy it is to transform your own lettering into a wood cutout using the xTool M1 laser cutter. I picked the word Happiness because I love to write it in calligraphy. Pick a word that you love!  It could be your Word of the Year! Supplies Needed for Laser Cut Calligraphy Sign: xTool M1 Laser Cutting Machine 3mm Basswood xTool Creative Space Dollar Tree Wooden Hanging Sign E6000 Glue Step 1: Design your Image Begin by writing out your desired word. I used my iPad and procreate app. If you are doing it on paper; digitize it by taking a photo or scanning it. Then remove the background (I use Photoshop). Save the image as a PNG file. Step 2: Import PNG File Then import your PNG file into XCS.  Select the image and then click the 'Offset Distance' tab to 0. This will outline the image you created exactly. Step 3: Select CUT Then selec