Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe!

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe! Here's the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. I love chocolate chip cookies and this recipe is my tried and true favorite. I've developed it over the past decade or so! This chocolate chip cookie recipe uses 9 ingredients--recipe at the end of post. When it comes to cookies, I'm in love. But I'm super picky about my cookies too. They have to be made with real butter. They have to have oats.  I love them crisp on the edge, but soft and chewy too. And chocolate. They have to have loads of visible dark chocolate chips...the darker the better. To combat my pickiness, I developed my own recipe through lots of trial. I created the perfect cookie dough base recipe that is ideal for any kind of desired mix-ins.  Essentially this recipe is a standard "double batch" of cookies with an extra dose of mix-ins. My most favorite mix-ins is Dark Chocolate Chunks and then sprinkled with Flake Salt after they are done baking. Ingredients Nee

Cricut Maker Knife Blade DIY Letterboard!

This post is sponsored by  Cricut .  The opinions and text are all mine.  Affiliate links included.   Cricut Maker Knife Blade DIY Letterboard! Have you used the  Cricut Knife Blade  yet?  I think you should go for it!   The knife blade is a revolutionary tool for the  Cricut Maker 3  or  Cricut Maker  and makes otherwise unheard of projects totally possible!   This cute ledge style letterboard is a cinch to make using the  Cricut Knife Blade .   I think you should go for it.  Ready to get started? Supplies Needed: Cricut Maker 3  or  Cricut Maker The Cricut Maker is unlike any other cutting machine.  It's powerful, it has the ultimate cutting ability and has incredible versatility! Cricut Knife Blade   (able to cut materials as thick as 2.4mm) Cricut Chipboard Purple Cricut Mat 12X24 Craft Foam 12x18 Blue Painters Tape Pine Board 12x12 1x2 Boards cut to 12" School Glue Hot Glue/gun This Cricut Design Space Project The Cricut's adaptive tool system make

How to Make a Palette Knife Floral Cake!

How to Make a Palette Knife Floral Cake! Learn how beautiful and simple it is to make a palette knife floral cake. This technique is something you can do with thick acrylic paint on canvas too. This art project is fun because the canvas is a beautiful and edible cake and the paint is creamy delicious buttercream frosting! This white canvas cake was made for me by a fabulous cake maker friend, CakeologybyKatie . I am not a great cake maker and can't get a smooth frosting finish, so I'm more than happy to hire a friend to do the hard part for me. So find a friend to make you a delicious lemon poppyseed cake with smooth white buttercream frosting or make one yourself. I had Katie make me a batch of buttercream frosting too so this project was fun for me to just come in and paint. Here's how to make Buttercream frosting: 3 Cups of Butter (real butter--and yes, 3 cups...this is why it's so good) 2 pounds of powdered sugar 1/4 Cup of milk (or cream if you are feeling really d