Island in the Sun Reflective Iron-On Vinyl Running Shirt DIY

 Island in the Sun Reflective Iron-On Vinyl Running Shirt DIY I love the song "Island in the Sun" by Weezer. I remember the street I was driving down in Salt Lake City in 2002 when I first heard the song on the radio. Isn't it funny how music can transport you through time and space like that? It's been a favorite for years, so why not the theme of my running shirt. This running shirt is made with reflective iron-on vinyl, so it reflects headlights when I run in the dark mornings.   Yes, I started running the first part of August. I've been walking with a friend or two for nearly 2 years, then we decided we needed to kick it up a notch and start interval running. It's been great and I feel like I am getting stronger and more endurant! Reflective shirts or vests are super important when running in the me at 5: 30 AM. Let's make one now!  Supplies Needed: Athletic Shirt Reflective Iron-On Vinyl Cricut Maker Cricut EasyPre

Rustic Wood Slice Cupcake Stand DIY

 Rustic Wood Slice Cupcake Stand DIY This rustic wood slice cupcake stand is a simple project that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. It's perfect for any themed party and great way to display cupcakes, favors or other fun props. I love crafting things that are useful and quick, this checks both of those boxes. I'm looking forward to using this on a party display really soon--stay tuned!  I love the look of rustic wood pieces, in fact, my whole house renovations were done in good-old pine boards. There's so much character in wood. With that said, feel free to add embellishments or even paint your stand to match the theme of the party. I got my supplies from Plaid , all opinions are mine. Supplies Needed: Large Wood Slice (about 9 inch diameter) Small Wood Slice (about 7 inch diameter) Hot Glue/Gun E6000 Glue 6" Wooden Dowel (1 inch diameter)  Begin by removing packaging from the wood slices and cut the dowel to a six inch length.  Use a tap

10 Papercraft DIY's all Made with Paper

10 Papercraft DIY's all Made of Paper Paper is absolutely one of my favorite crafting supplies. When I was around 9 years old I was given a ream of white copy paper for my birthday. I am sure my parents were trying to be creative for just a few dollars...but it was the GREATEST gift ever! I loved having as much paper as I could possibly use. 500 sheets of paper to do whatever I wanted. I learned how to make sweet paper airplanes, I practiced sketching and drawing and I crafted. Paper is relatively inexpensive and available everywhere. Papercrafting is the best! Who knows, your child might need a ream of paper to themselves as a birthday gift! Here are 10 fun papercraft ideas that will surprise you when you see they are made of paper.  Which one is your favorite? Paper Basket Tutorial I love this tutorial  Just using 2 pieces of square paper makes a darling basket, perfect for a gift! Shirt and Tie Envelopes Great envelope for a treat or card, perfect for Father'