Colored Pencil Vase Turned on the Lathe DIY

 Colored Pencil Vase Turned on the Lathe DIY I love office supplies. This colored pencil vase is an especially fantastic DIY project from start to finish. My husband and I worked on this fun craft together. Make your own colored pencil vase with resin and a lathe for wood turning. This fun conversation piece will be the talk of the coffee table! Colored pencils are the best. When I was in junior high I was invited to an advanced art class, but I needed to have some supplies. High quality colored pencils was on the list. Back in the day before the internet, it was much harder and more expensive to buy these colored pencils. It was a financial struggle for my mom, but she got me a 24 pack anyway. They were more than a dollar each. But, they were the greatest colored pencils ever...and I learned my love of crafting, not art. Haha, I am a crafter but would not consider myself an artist. Despite using 216 colored pencils for this vase, the real star of the show for this project is

12 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas Roundup

12 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas Roundup Thanksgiving is a glorious time of year to focus on being thankful before the rush of the holiday commercialization takes over.  It is the calm before the storm...the deep breath before the plunge.  I love Thanksgiving.  Growing up my parents would host Thanksgiving family dinner with my mom's side of the family.  About 50 people would come and spend the day together.  I remember that my mom always had a craft planned to work on with her sisters after dinner was eaten and dishes were done.  To this day, I love crafting on Thanksgiving.  Here's some ideas for a great Thanksgiving day craft: Friendsgiving Thanksgiving Watercolor/Calligraphy Glitter Tray Gather Leaf Wreath Copper Acorns DIY Gratitude Wreath Thanksgiving Tablescape Thankful Chalk Art Silly Turkey Headbands Autumntime decor Turkey Lollipop Holder Turkey Donuts