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Ribbon Roses Wreath!

 Ribbon Roses Wreath! Ribbon is so much fun. It's so easy to decorate with and add color in an instant! I love hairbows ...but thought I'd try something new.  Ribbon roses are fun to make and quite easy. Try it a few time to get the hang of it!  I received this huge haul of goodies from Offray in exchange for this fun tutorial! They have fantastic ribbons and accessories! They keep Walmart and other big stores in stock...they have the most adorable ribbons! First off you will need: Wreath form Ribbon hot glue/gun Wrap the wreath with cute ribbon. Mine's an inch wide and I love the bright pink! Add a loop at the top for easy hanging! Next you will need some 1.5 inch ribbons. The stiffer they are, the better they work... So a Grosgrain is going to work better than a satin or chiffon ribbon. Get about a yard of ribbon and fold it in half. At the center, fold a right angle. Then overlap the ribbon over and over... Hold it together

United States of America Country Art!

 United States of America Country Art! I got this fun USA kit.  It came with the frame and the country. You could also DIY this with a board and just a paper cut-out of the country!  I painted the frame blue.  The country gray and the heart red.  I recieved this delicious paper pack from DCWV! Die Cuts With a View is stocked at Joann Fabric and Crafts! This pack is named Coastal. It was just released last Friday at AC Moore ...along with a bunch of other amazing paper stacks! It is filled with nautical, mermaidia and other fun printed paper! And...fabric paper!  This mermaid scale is fabric with paper backing!!!  And this amazing medallion design is fabric too! I had a hard time deciding which print to use...but the scales won out!  It's so perfect.  It cuts just like paper!  I used 2 wooden spools to add height to the USA in the box.  Hot glued in the paper.  Then the spools...then the USA on top!  And the heart in the general area of Utah