Resin Cast Geometric Succulent Planters

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Resin Cast Geometric Succulent Planters
I have such a track record of killing succulents, but I love them!  I decided that fake succulents is the way for me to get the cuteness of the plant without the guilt of killing them.  The next thing is making adorable planters!  Geometric stuff is awesome and these were a cinch to make...seriously, under 30 minutes!
They are simple and chic and would make great centerpieces, party favors, place holders, home decor or gifts.
You will need:
Silicone Geometric Molds

FastCast Resin
EasyCast Resin
Opaque Dyes
Drill and bit
I did these a couple of ways and learned while I did them.  Let's start with making the clear crystals using EasyCast.  These will not set in 15 minutes, they take overnight.
Mix the resin according to package directions.  You can judge how much resin you will need by filling the molds with water and then pouring them into a measuring cup.  Then you'll just need half that amount of each: resin and hardener.  Then pour carefully into the molds.
Originally I used these other molds to make holes in the planter...but drilling them is much easier, so don't stress!
If you want the fast option, use FastCast.  The mixing directions are different than the EasyCast so make sure you read them carefully...because this sets up fast!

Mix in colors if desired and pour in the molds.
Again, I used the smaller molds for holes.  It will turn white/opaque in just 15 minutes.  It's amazing!
Then just pull out the inside mold and pop them out of the silicone molds.
Or...pop them out and drill a hole in the top!  Easy!
Now they just need a faux succulent hot glued right inside them.  They are adorable and ready to decorate--in under 30 minutes!
Make them any color and make as many as you like!  Using FastCast is so fun and addictive!
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Have you used resin?  It's a blast!

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Unknown said…
Cool. I like the DIY tutorial.
Great tutorial! I've been wanting to create our own planters for our wedding which will be FILLED with succulents. :) thankyou!