Copper Easy Sculpt Acorns DIY!

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Copper Easy Sculpt Acorns DIY!
I love acorns, they are a such a uniquely wonderful part of Autumn.  The trouble is that when you collect acorns, they are full of worms...if you bring them in your house you are likely to get worms in your home.  So essentially, making your own is the best option.
You will need to collect a handful of lovely acorns, but you really just need the caps.
You will also need Easy Sculpt epoxy clay and copper paint.
I use Rustoleum Copper Spray Paint

Pop the caps off the base.
The Easy Sculpt clay is a 2 part epoxy with a one to one ratio.
Read the directions and don't forget to wear some gloves, this clay is very sticky.
Scoop out a ball of each container relatively the same size.
Mix them together until completely mixed.  The clay is incredibly sticky.
Let it sit on some parchment paper for about 30-60 minutes, keep a watch on it.  It will get firmer and less sticky as you wait.  It is a delicate balance between firm enough to mold and keep it shape and too firm.
Divide the clay and form little acorn shaped pieces.  Let them dry and cure on the parchment paper.  I turned mine every 20 minutes or so to keep their shape.
After they are cured, use E6000 or hot glue to attach the caps to the bases.
Place on some cardboard and spray with copper paint.
Let them dry, turn over and repeat in like manner.
Aren't they especially adorable!?
They are certainly the perfect table scatter for Thanksgiving and all of Autumn!
I love the metallic shine!
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