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My Little Pony Discord Nightlight!

 My Little Pony Discord Nightlight!  The Discord Lamp! When I watched this episode... "Keep Calm Flutter On" I wanted to make a Discord lamp just like this! But that's harder than I am ready for...and will take more thought. Instead I made a simple DIY version that you can do easily too!  First, right click to save off the image. Print it off on a piece of shrink big as you can. Grafix Shrink Film, Printable, White Inkjet, 6-Pack I did another one slightly bigger and it worked better.  Cut it out and leave a border...  Place on a parchment lined baking sheet, printed side up!  Place in the 350* oven for a few minutes. watch it curl up and then flatten out! Remove, let cool.  Now take a Dollar store nightlight...  And cut the tab off the back...yes, cut through the princesses! I used a band saw...but wire clippers work too!  Just use some E6000 and glue the tab onto the backside of Discord!  Dry completely!  Ready to