Resin Vintage Frames + Famous Art Magnets DIY

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Resin Vintage Frames + Famous Art Magnets DIY
I love playing with resin and this fun project uses 2 awesome resin techniques.  Do you have a favorite famous art piece, or maybe you have a little picture that your kids drew?  These magnet frames are the perfect way to display them and even decorate a locker!
You will need:
Frame Mold

FastCast Resin
High Gloss Resin
Modpodge or other sealer
Photos or pictures to fit in frame
Hot glue/gun
Thick Cardboard
Metallic Spray Paint
E6000 glue
Start by mixing the FastCast according to package directions.
FastCast sets in 15 minutes and it is so fun to watch.  Make a few frames with the FastCast.
Then spray paint the frames metallic colors.
Like gold, copper and silver.  Let the paint dry.
Now measure the backside opening of the frame.

Print works of art or draw a picture to fit the frame.
Cut pieces of chipboard to fit the back of the frame.  Use the modpodge sealer to adhere the pictures to the cardboard. 
Seal the tops of the pictures with sealer and let it dry.
Now, run a thick and consistent line of hot glue over the back of the frame.  This will act as a ridge to keep the resin in the frame, so make sure it is completely connected.
Then set it right on the sealed work of art.

Now mix up the Envirotex Lite according to the package instructions.
It's a 1 to 1 ratio, mixed for 2 minutes, then transferred to a new mixing cup and mixed again for 1 minute with a new stick.

Then pour the high gloss resin over the painting images inside the frame.  Fill to the top edge of the frame.
Use a heat gun or mini torch to pop any bubbles that have formed.  Then let them dry and cure for 24-48 hours.
I love it!  Just a 3x4 mini vintage frame with a famous Monet!
Or a Starry Night by Van Gogh!
Turn them over and use E6000 glue to adhere a magnet on the back of each frame.

Perfect for adding culture to the refrigerator or inside a locker!
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