Resin Candy Sprinkles Keychain DIY

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Resin Candy Sprinkles Keychain DIY
I love bags, I'm a bit obsessed.  A great bag needs a pull on the zipper.  Let's make one that is fantastic and sets your bag apart from the rest!  This one is made with clear resin and candy sprinkles, the perfect combination--even better to embed a name in it with beads.
Add your favorite bits of candy, make your beads spell whatever you like.  Fun to customize for every occasion.  Perfect for a fun Valentine's day craft!
Gather Supplies:
Clear Polyester Casting Resin
Castin' Craft molds
Alphabet beads
Mold Release & Conditioner
Candy Sprinkles
Candy Bits
Mix up the casting resin according to the package directions.  Wear gloves and work over a disposable surface.  Gently mist the molds with mold release and pour a 1/4 inch of resin in each mold.  Let the resin sit for about 20 minutes.
After the resin gels, fill the top with beads, candy and sugary sprinkles.
Line up the beads and fill in with sprinkles.
Looks so cute!
Next, mix up some more resin according to directions, like earlier...then fill the molds to the top.  Let them dry overnight and cure.  Then pop them out of the molds.
Use a 1/8 drill bit and drill a hole in the edge of the resin.
Loop a ball chain through the hole and clasp it together.
Now it's ready to hook on every zipper pull on all the greatest bags and jackets!  Perfect resin craft for the holidays!
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