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Easy 2 Ingredient Ice Cream!

 Simple 2 Ingredient Homemade ice cream... without an ice cream maker! If you haven't tried this yet, I suggest giving it a try!  So yummy and smooth! It does take planning ahead though... and sometimes that's a deal breaker!  Here's what you need. 2 cups Whole cream 1 can Sweet and Condensed Milk Blend together about 4 minutes until thick and creamy. Put in a container and freeze overnight.  Serve it up!  You might not know that I LOVE to eat with little Gerber baby spoons. All metal...none of that rubbery tipped junk. But I will eat all my desserts with an itty bitty spoon! And if you are me, everything is better smothered in hot fudge sauce! Add any mixins...or eat plain! Linking up to THESE parties this week!

Candy Canes in Spring!

 My daughter's dream world would be a giant Candy Land! She loves sugary treats! I decided to try making a giant lollipop! Could be a fun April Fools day surprise!  I took a bunch of cheap candy canes and unwrapped them all And then put them on a baking tray...  Put them in the oven for about 5 minutes at 350*... Then they soften up...I took them while still warm and quickly wrapped them around each other on this foil platter lightly  misted with non stick spray...  24 candy canes later... couldn't figure out how to get the stick to it was just decor.  She loved it!  And it stuck really well together! Linking up to THESE parties this week!

5 Fun EGG Ideas!

We love eggs. We eat a lot of eggs. And we write messages or draw faces on all the hard cooked eggs, so we are sure to get the right ones into the hubby's lunch! Could do something fun for April Fool's! Check out this Giant monogram I made with egg boxes! I did an object lesson for some young ladies a while ago... but it's perfect close to Easter. I spoke about being clean and pure on the inside as well as the outside. I hollowed out 2 eggs (I did more just in case they didn't work...) I poked holes in both ends of the eggs and blew out the yoke and whites. One egg I rinsed with water and left clean. The other I used a syringe and filled it with a  water and cocoa powder sludge. I swirled it around inside the egg...and taped over the opening with some duct tape. I let it dry overnight.  Then I cleaned off the egg. For the demonstration I held the top and bottom of the egg, strategically covering the holes. I cracked open the one tha

Dehydrated Marshmallows!

 We had lots of hot cocoa during the winter...but this was our favorite treat! Dehydrated Marshmallows! Could be a fun April Fool's day surprise!  Just filled the dehydrator with marshmallows....and turned it on for about 5 hours. They will still be soft when you turn it off...then you just let it sit for a few hours. They will harden up and wont be sticky.  They puff up. Here's one before and after...  They are hard and crunchy like  Marshmallow Matey's or Lucky Charms!  We just bagged them up and put some by all our Hot Cocoa fixin's!  :) They aren't as rubbery as "stale" marshmallows...try it!  :) Linking up to THESE parties this week!

April Fool's Day Cupcakes!

These cupcakes are the PERFECT April Fool's Day Lunch or Dinner!  My daughter was born on April 1st, so we take our pranks seriously in this house!  Okay, The cupcakes are actually Meatloaf! Even though it seemed fairly obvious to me, I just told the  family to come for cupcakes...and NO questions were asked.   It played off perfectly, and everyone was tricked!   Here's how to do it! Our meatloaf recipe, we love it! Mix: 1.5-2 lbs extra lean ground beef 2/3 cup oats 1 cup milk 1 tsp salt 1/8 tsp pepper 1/4 tsp chicken seasoning 2 eggs 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce 1 chopped onion 1 stick sliced green onion stir together...hope this picture doesn't gross you out!  :)    I filled plain white cupcake liners with meatloaf. The meat is not like's not going to rise at all, in fact, it sinks in a fill it up! Bake for 45 minutes at 350* Let them cool slightly. In the meantime mix up some mashed potatoes. I u

Reversible Fabric Shoulder Bags!

Here's how to make a GREAT reversible bag! I got the pattern here from Very Purple Person . Just print it off and tape it together...then cut it out. You'll need 2 contrasting fabrics for ultimate cuteness. (I didn't sew in any darts...) Cut 2 of each fabric on the fold to make this shape. Put the right sides together of each fabric and sew the rounded edge... I zig-zag the edge to prevent fraying. Do that to this Take 1 of the fabrics and turn it right side out. Then fit that one inside the other one...this way the "rightsides" are together. Line it up straight... Now you are going to sew the 2 layers together. Around the "neckline" and the "armpits" and the "backline" Leave the top 3 inches of the straps unsewn. Then cut little snips around the rounded edges. Take care not to cut the stitches.  This will allow  the fabric to lay flat inside that rounded edge. Like this.