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Name Plates 4 ways and Smarty Had a Party Giveaway!

 Name Plates 4 ways and
Smarty Had a Party Seaside Brunch Giveaway!
I received these at no cost in exchange for this post.
I love Smarty with a Party!
We used their fabulous fall scheme for last Thanksgiving.
The best part is that it looks super fancy...and it's disposable.
I'm a big fan of less dishes after hosting a party.
This seaside brunch set is beautiful.  I adore the baroque plates!
I set them up 4 ways.
Wood slice name plate.
I used gold leaf liquid and painted the wood slice...then used
Calligraphy pen and ink and wrote the name.
I love the gold and blue together...with the natural wood.
Next, I used gold ink and calligraphy on a piece of kraft paper
 and used a binder clip to hold it in place.
Not great for outdoors on breezy days, but darling.
I used a piece of burlap underneath for additional texture.
I used a giant sand dollar too, for fun.
Hard to see the name...but it's shimmery and gold!
Another great way to set the table is with little gift bags.
This is perfect for favors and take homes.
I used chalkboard labels on kraft gift bags and a gold doily underneath.
It's so cute and simple!
Last the agate slice.
I'm totally in love with agates.
Check out these I did for a teaparty here
 I used a gorgeous piece of scrapbook paper as a place mat.
I used a binder clip and set it on the plate.
Then placed the agate on top.
This gives it a little more visibility and lets the light shine
 through the pretty layers a little bit more!
So fun, right!
Now you need to have a brunch!

Here's the giveaway:
Baroque White Plastic Dinnerware Value Set
20 dinner plates and 20 salad plates!

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Chandelier Crystal Prism Rainbow Makers!

 Chandelier Crystal Prism Rainbow Makers!
I love the refraction of light!
I love rainbows dancing and shining on the walls!
Sun Catchers!
 To make these you will need:

Chandelier Crystal Pendants

Crystal Beads

Fishing line (mid thickness)

I used round crystals and tear drops.
And a bunch of sparkly crystal beads.
Most of these were vintage from old, broken necklaces.
Just tie a piece of fishing line on the crystal and then thread the beads on.
Thread on about 6-8 inches of beads.
Then tie the top in a knot and loop the thread back down through some of the beads.
And then clip the excess fishing line.
Now they are ready to hang up and enjoy!
Great for tween and teens to make too!
I used command hooks and placed them on the window frame.
Then the beads and the crystal hang in the window and when the sun comes up in the morning...
I get sparkly rainbows all over the room!
I absolutely love it!!!
They are fun and simple to make!
Great for hanging in a car rear view mirror too!
Love sparkle!

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Kanzashi Flower Bow!

 Kanzashi Flower Bow!
I love bows and I love ribbon!
This flower is the perfect addition to any craft project.
Great for a ribbon bouquet, wreath, headband...
I used Offray satin ribbon sent to me in exchange for this post.
 The sky is the limit with Kanzashi, but here is what
you will need for this flower:

Six 4" squares of white satin ribbon
Six 2 1/4" squares of azalea satin ribbon
Eight 2 1/4" squares of forest satin ribbon
Eight 1 1/2" squares of lemon grass satin ribbon
Rhinestone button or something fun for the center
Hot glue and gun

First, run a bead of hot glue along 2 of the edges like this.
I'd recommend a low heat glue gun.
 Fold in half like a triangle.
 Add glue to one of the open edges
 And fold in half again.
 Repeat with all the pink ones,
Then put it inside the white and fold it one more time.
 Just like this.
 Then repeat 6 times.
 Now, use scissors to cut the tip off the back.
Then use a lighter to melt the edges back there.
 Repeat six times.
 Then do the same thing with the green leaves.
Then either sew, or just hot glue all the pieces together to form a 6 petal flower.
 Like this.
Hot glue it to a felt circle to keep it's strength.
Then glue the leaves in place.
 Add the rhinestone in the center and put it on a headband or clip!
Or make a whole bouquet!
Gorgeous and fun!
Check out this Snowflake Kanzashi too!

So many possibilities!

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This post published on Doodlecraft first 
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