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Custom Heat Transfer Vinyl Dollar Store Shirts!

 I found these soft heathery charcoal shirts at the dollar store... and consequently, bought all they had! Then my boys got to pick whatever they wanted to go  on them in silver heat transfer vinyl.  This guy was specific! He wanted a cute puppy and tough guy! How fun is that? We found an image we both agreed on... and had the silhouette cameo cut out the vinyl in reverse.  Then covered it with a tea towel and ironed it!  Then removed the towel and ironed it some more, directly on the plastic. Until it was secure. Removed the plastic, let it cool and that tough guy couldn't be happier! The elder and far more responsible son wanted a vintage nintendo controller on his. We found an image and did the same process. Just don't forget to reverse your image before letting your cutting device cut it out! right click to save off for personal use! Linking up to THESE parties this week!

Otter Pop Lightsabers and Summer Fun!

This post brought to you by Jel Sert . All opinions are 100% mine. Otter Pops!  I LOVED these as a kid...and guess what, I still do! When they contacted me to review a sample, I was as thrilled as a kid! My kids were ecstatic too! It's been a really odd summer for us...super rainy. So we spent some time indoors and did a fun project in  anticipation of our Otter Pops freezing! Because sometimes, Otter Pops are way too cold to hold with bare hands!  :) We made lightsaber holders! There are 6 different Otter Pop flavors,  so they'll make awesome and colorful sabers! My favorite is Louie Bloo Raspberry...I just love blue. Does that make me a Jedi Knight?  We used felt, cut it at 4 inches by 5 inches...  Folded it in half and hot glued one side and bottom.   Leaving the top open!  And then lots of decorations of felt...even the  4 year old was super lightsaber excited!  Custom work...this would be such a fun birthday party activit

R2D2 Shirt!

September 2012, I made a BUNCH of T-shirts as a Back To School Wardrobe! I have had numerous requests about this one. R2D2.  Who doesn't love this little guy? I began with an orange t-shirt from the dollar store. Orange is my #3's favorite color, so luck it seems is on our side!  Here's the cartoon network coloring book image I used. I put the file into silhouette studios, selected the area, then had it trace the outline. (right click save for personal use only) I put freezer paper on my cutting mat and had my silhouette cameo cut it out for me! You could do this with a hobby knife and a cutting mat.  Here's how it went down. I took each piece off the silhouette mat one at a time and ironed it in place...  It was tedious getting all those little pieces ironed on where they should be...  And you can tell that not all the lines are lined up...but whatever!  Then I used Silhouette brand fabric paint. It's a little pricey, but holds

Hello Custom Acrylic Word Necklace with Shrinky Dinks!

  Custom Acrylic Necklaces are all the rage... but unless you have a 3D printer, laser cutter or want to  spend more than $30...{which I don't} they are a little out of reach...until NOW!  Say Hello to the DIY version--for CHEAP! (These were made with stuff I had on hoarding!) If you have to buy the supplies, they'll cost about $2-3 each. (and that's mostly the round up some old necklace chains... or use twine, yarn, string...whatever!) Here's what you'll need: Shrinky dinks or Shrink plastic #6.  (A lot of plastic take out boxes are number six... just look for the symbol on the bottom and they will work for this project!) Sharpies, Markers or colored pencils scissors, x-acto knife Jump rings , jewelry chain , pliers... and the word you want to immortalize. We chose Hello: You can save this off and use it...or do your own word/name.  We printed out the hello at 300% of what we  wanted the finish