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Acrylic Paint Pour Skin Pendant Necklace with Resin

 Acrylic Paint Pour Skin Pendant Necklace with Resin.      Mixing and pouring out acrylic paint on a canvas to make stunning works of art is so fun.  Paint pours are such a great way to make big wall art for home decor.  Place a plastic tablecloth or garbage bag on your work surface, raise the canvas off the table with cups or soup cans...then pour the paint all over the canvas and let it run off the sides.  Once the paint dries the canvas is gorgeous...and the residue of the paint drips are equally impressive!  Instead of tossing them in the trash, upcycle them into stunning jewelry!      Here's some posts on Acrylic Paint pouring, it's a great craft, even for kids--no age discrimination!  Paint pouring is super popular and easy to do.  Just mix paint with a pouring medium like flotrol and then pour all the colors of paint in one cup.  Pour out all over canvas or tray and let the paint dry as slowly as possible for the best results.  After the paint dries it will l

Pilot Pen Back-to-School Pen Pun Gifts!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone. #ad  #PilotPen4School Pilot Pen Back-to-School Pen Pun Gifts! Ready or not, it's Back-to-School time! I am not ready. I love Summer time and I love the warm weather, party days, no reason to go to bed early and the bright sunlight. I am not ready for colder climate and being responsible. Being responsible is the worst. However, there is one thing I love about Back-to-School time and it's School supplies! I absolutely love pens and Pilot has been my favorite since I was little.  My mom always carried a Pilot Precise pen in her purse, she'd sign her checks with it in her gorgeous calligraphic handwriting. I remember for my 12th birthday she gifted me a ream of paper and my own Pilot Precise pens! Best gift ever!  That makes Pilot the obvious choice for a back-to-school gift for teachers. Everyone loves a great pen and these are my favorites--I gift th

Marbled Light Switch Covers with Easy Marble DIY

Marbled Light Switch Covers with Easy Marble DIY      Add some fun to the walls of your home by marbling the light switch covers. This is a fun craft that older tweens and teens will love to. Customize the perfect switch covers for each room...pick the colors you like! This is a fun and quick craft that will leaving you dying to marble all the things! Supplies Needed: Easy Marble Light Switch Cover Shallow disposable basin that fits the size of the card Toothpick or Straight Pin Acetone and cotton pads for clean-up Paper towels Water Painters tape Begin by adding some loops of painters tape to the backside of the switch plate.      Fill the tray with water and then drop colors of Easy Marble in the water, work quickly or it will dry too much and clump. Add more colors in a bulls-eye pattern.  Then swirl the Easy Marble with a toothpick or pin until satisfied with the design, again work quickly.      Press your fingers on the sticky tape and du