Gold and Silver Leaf Resin Pendants

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Gold and Silver Leaf Resin Pendants
Have you worked with resin before?  It's one of my favorite project mediums.  I love to capture items and treasures inside clear glossy resin.  These pendants are simple to make and have so much texture...smooth and rough!
You will need:
Clear Polyester Casting Resin
Gold and Silver Leaf
Jewelry Mold
Mold Release Spray
Disposable work surface, mixing cups, stirring sticks
Chain/Jewelry pliers
Light Grit Sandpaper
Pendant Bails
E6000 Glue
Start by reading the directions to the resin.  Gently mist the mold with the mold release spray.  Mix the resin according to package directions.  Pour the resin in the mold about 1/3 of the way full.
Let the resin sit for about 20 minutes, then add little pieces of gold and silver leaf.
Then fill the mold the rest of the way with resin.  Then let them dry and cure overnight or a couple days.  I do the "smell" test...if it still smells like resin, it's not cured.
When they are cured, pop them out of the mold easily!
I lightly sanded the edges of the pendants, so there were no sharp edges.
Now use the e6000 glue and attach the pendant bails to the backside of the resin pendants.
Let them dry completely, at least 4 hours to overnight.
Now the pendants are ready to hook chains on and wear!
I love a 27 inch chain...perfect for fitting right over my head and hanging in a great place.
Hook the chain together through the pendant bail and they are ready to wear.

I love the super smooth, glossy, glass-like finish...with the amazing folds and textures of the gold and silver leaf paper.  Such a fun design.
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