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Damask {my favorite}

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Time for a favorite FREEBIE!

I love Damask!
Everyone loves a damask print right?
Right click to save off!

I've been saving these off on my phone
 and using them as backgrounds!

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Star Wars Birthday Party!

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 My son turned 4 over Labor day.
We had a 4 day birthday party celebration...meaning
candy, games, decorations and gifts for 4 days in a row!
It was just the family, but we made it lots of fun!
We used Red for the Empire and Blue for the Rebellion!
The table was set the same way...
A fun banner made by coloring book pages my daughter colored!
 Pin the Lightsaber on Yoda was the kids favorite game!
They each had several turns each day!

 I scanned a coloring book picture into the computer...
printed it out on several pieces of paper...
and then taped it together, cut it out and colored it!

 We had a bean bag toss game!
 That's No Moon!  Lollipop death stars!
 Random Star Wars quotes everywhere!

 And any toys we owned that were Star Wars themed!
 We had some double-bladed lightsaber dueling on a balance beam!
 the older kids loved it, especially when I joined in!
 He got a gun!  And wore his "D2" shirt from here.
 It was a terrific weekend.
I was happy to finally undecorate though!


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Another Chair! Restored, Rescued, Rehabilitated, Recycled, Reclaimed, Rustic, Recovery

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 I've got a cute TEAL chair sitting on my front porch now!
It's rustic and reclaimed!

Here's the story.
I was driving home from somewhere with my little 8 year old daughter.
We were on a semi busy street.
I saw a couch and a chair on the curb...FREE right?
I jumped out, quickly grabbed the chair and threw it in the hatch...
I figured I'd get out of traffic before I looked too close at it.

When I got it home...I was mortified.
The chair was totally warped, dilapidated and disgusting!
I was so embarrassed.

I quickly chucked it in the Yard Sale pile of the garage and forgot about it.
A week or so later, my husband found it.
I explained how crappy it was and was going to junk it.

He lovingly went to work.
Quickly taking off the grease stained, worn and sick-o seat cushion.
When I saw him out there with gorilla glue and hand clamps, I got my camera.

He fixed the back board and preserved the distressing.

 He used some wood that he had the little boys
 pound nails into and fashioned a new seat.
The nails were short...and underneath...my little secret.
Cut to a perfect fit!
    Then he spray painted them my favorite color of TEAL!
The wood was greasy and distressed, so the paint bubbled in places...
Eventually we'll sand down some edges and get that rustic back a little.
But for now, I am so happy with my cute chair on my porch!

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Make your own Silicone Cabochon Molds!

You will need Easy Mold Silicon Putty.
Looks like this.  I got it at Michael's with a 40% off coupon (19.99)
So I paid about $12.  It's food safe too! 
It has 2 jars.  1 white goop, 1 purple goop.

Make sure you have your desired item to mold ready to go.
This stuff dries fast!

Now, here's the hardest part...estimating how much
clay you need to make the mold you want.
I had a bunch of things ready to go and picked one that
 I thought would work in that amount of clay.
Some of them I made, I pressed too hard and they made
 holes out the other side...so judge carefully.
Still worked though.

Take equal parts of each and mix them together.

Mix them until totally mixed.  Make a ball...smoosh it slightly
Press your object into the silicone.
Don't rock it around when you press...just set it straight into the clay.
It will need to dry for about 25 minutes.  Then it is flexible!
You can just push your item right out of the clay!
Then you can use polymer clay, fondant, chocolate, plaster,
resin...or other stuff...to make a duplicate!

 I love this vintage cameo frame...so many possibilities!

And then you might try My Little Pony blind bag toys too!

Form with clay...
(note, it's hard to get a smooth polymer clay surface
when trying to fit in a mold...this would be
better with something poured in...)
And you've got a cute copy!
Yes, they would look cute as little chocolates on a cupcake! :)
And you might use all your silicone putty in one sitting...
This should at least give you an idea of about how much 1/2 pound makes.

I tried to fill the sides of the pony molds with other things...
Like a lego head...and don't look too close...yes, my son's tooth.
He had just pulled it out, so I thought--why not?
We made polymer clay ponies, painted some cute eyes
 on them and glued magnets on the back!
I hope you loved this tutorial!
There are so many options--I need more!
Let me know if you ever try this out!

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