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Top 10 projects of 2011

Here's my top 10 projects of the year! I loved painting this yellow table. (and I sold it)  Acid Mirrors are my new love.  I made a few pillows that I love.     I did 4 nightstands. (sold 1)  And of course, teapot lamps! and if I had a list of all the projects I NEED to do or would be 10 times longer!

Top 10 $10 purchases of 2011

Top $10 purchases of the year! Standing vanity mirror! (to be refinished...2012)  Awesome Jewelry armoire! (to be refinished...2012)   Wardrobe for daughter.  chandelier and beads. I guess that I don't make large purchases very often!

Top 10 $5 purchases of 2011

Top 10 things I paid $5 for this year! Awesome frame.  Birdcage. (I actually bought this for a friend.)  Curly nightstand!  Coat of Arms.  Pennant lights. (to be refinished...2012)  Knobby table.  Phoenix pair.  Vintage phone.  Hat stand.  Rose mirror.

Top 10 $1 purchases of 2011

Top $1 items of the year! Cool mirror.  Pincushion jars.  Candelabra and sticks.  Cork monogram.  Highly coveted Owl Cookie Jar.  Piggy bank (yielding $11)  Awesome frame.  Awesome frame.  Awesome frame.  Awesome frame. Hoping for more great finds in 2012!

Top 10 less than $1 purchases of 2011

These are the Top 10 purchases made this year that were less than $1! Oval frames 20 cents each.  fat bird 75 cents.  Fleur De Lis 50 cents. Carousel Pony 75 cents.  Light switch frame 33 cents.  Chunky mini frame 50 cents.  Curly frame 50 cents.  Octagon mirror 50 cents.  Sparrow 33 cents.  Table top mirror 75 cents.

Man cards

It's hard to make a card for a man... I used my silhouette and made a bunch of these to keep on hand!

Merry Christmas!

Since today is Christmas... I would feel sad if you were checking blogs! Enjoy the holiday! Merry Christmas!

Yellow Chair!

 Got this yellow vinyl chair a while ago...  It has some stab holes in it... has anyone ever tried that vinyl repair kit stuff like the "as seen on tv" stuff... if yes, please give insight! Still just LOVE the yellowness!